Samsung Galaxy A5 A7, Moisture has been detected.

Samsung Galaxy A5 A7, Moisture has been detected.

When plugging in my Samsung Galaxy A5 I occasionally get the following message:

Moisture has been detected. To charge your device, make sure your charger/USB port is dry.

There’s a fair few suggested fixed for this out there, including the following neither of which I have any faith in:

  • Clean out the USB-C port and the headphone port (it’s a good idea to turn your phone off when you do this)
  • Clear the cache of the USBSettings App and restart the phone:
    • Go to Settings
    • Press Applications
    • Press the 3 dot menu in the top right corner and press Show System Apps
    • Press the USBSettings App
    • Press Storage
    • Press Clear Cache and Clear Data
    • Restart your phone

The thing is, in both of the above you have to turn your phone off and on, for me that alone seem to solve the problem.

As I find any other suggestions, I’ll add them here.

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