Exporting Data from Mimecast: Delay Tactics, Extortion and Ransoms

Exporting Data from Mimecast: Delay Tactics, Extortion and Ransoms

Typically when you think of email sanitising services such as Mimecast, GFI, Spambrella, etc. ransom and extortion racketeering are the risks you expect them to protect you from.

Unfortunately in the case of Mimecast, it seems that while they provide protection, its more of a protection racket for customers wishing to leave.

Recently a company with whom I’m in touch – lets’ call them Acme Ltd – decided to move away from the Mimecast service.   When directly asked, Mimecast have always maintained that its possible for its customers to export their data archived within the Mimecast platform.

Unfortunately they put up many barriers.  Responses to even the simplest queries take so long that its clearly a delaying tactic.  The only tool available to customers to directly export data has a limit of 500mb which is absurd for a service that classes itself as an enterprise-class email service.

If customers persist by working through the long delays and lack of documentation, they are finally told that an export service can be purchased.  Unfortunately in classic Mimecast style, we’ve waited weeks for them to give us a price to export Acme Ltd’s data.  Also in classic Mimecast style, when we finally got a response, it was yet another delay, stating that:

Hi Marvin,

I can see your Mimecast Partner is Abacus Ltd. Would you be able to let me know your contact there? I can then discuss getting the relevant extraction costs over to you.

Many thanks,

Great, so we still have no price and now we have to contact Abacus Ltd (not the real company name) to get costs from them – it took Mimecast weeks for this one enquiry, let alone the months prior to that.


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