Microsoft Support: Passing the Buck Mentality

Microsoft Support: Passing the Buck Mentality

Sometimes I feel like Microsoft just don’t want business.  Their sales and support team seem concerned primarily with passing the call on to someone else – literally that is the first thing that seems to occur when I call.

Instead of seeing if they can help you, they instead determine if they have to help you, of if they can send you somewhere else.

Below is a chat I had with a Microsoft sales person.  I have a customer wanting a product and I had one very simple question:

Murat: Hello, how may I assist you today?

Bob: Hi, Were looking for the cheapest Office 365 plan to provide email and Outlook – nothing else needed

Murat: Hi Bob, sure what are you a current subscriber?

Bob: We are a partner inquiring on behalf of a customer

Murat: In that case, you would need to contact our dedicated Partner support team. They can be reached at (0044) 344 800 2400/ Option 3. They will be able to assist you with this.

Bob: Sorry we’re not a partner yet so don’t have a partner ID

Murat: Ok, I can reffer you to a Microsoft Partner as the Sales team we have only the pricing on the Web site. However a Microsoft Partner would be able to provide you with a betrer solution based on each users need.

Bob: All I want to know is what is the cheapest plan with Outlook available?

Bob: Forgetting partner solutions, etc. can you tell me based on the prices you have?

Murat: Sure its the Office 365 Business Packges at £7.00 per user per month on a yearly subscription Bob.

Bob: Can you send me a link that plan? I can’t find a £7 one anywhere

Murat: Sure if you can provide an email address I can send it through the email.

Bob: Can you just paste it here? Thanks

Murat: Due to security I can not send links throug the chat.

It’s a small think I know but you notice that the very first thing Murat tries to do is to palm me off on to someone else, despite the fact that he clearly has the answer to my question.  I can only assume its down to targets – a transfer to another department is probably classed as a completed call.

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