Office 365 Web Portal Finally Stable . . . until Microsoft Update it

Office 365 Web Portal Finally Stable . . . until Microsoft Update it

Oh Microsoft, have you never heard of the old adage of “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”  seriously – whoever manages the development of the Office 365 Portal needs to get that tatooed on their forehead.

Additionally – just to be clear – if is broken, DO fix it.

I really felt like the Office 365 Portal was finally starting to stabilize.  Sure you got the occasional timeout, aliases would go randomly missing and the help documentation was woefully out of date and referenced menu items and heading that no longer exists.  The point is, we’d learned to work it despite this.

So you’ve gone and changed it again and I can see no improvement at all.  What I can see however is a blank page where domains should be and a browser console full of AJAX errors:

Office 365 Portal AJAX and JavaScript Errors

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