Dreamweaver STE Password Decoder

Both of the methods below work entirely in your browser, no information is transmitted (for security/privacy).
(Note: If you only see the 'Decode Just the Password' option then your browser doesn't support the HTML5 FileReader method so cannot load and parse the STE file)

Decode Just the Password

A completely safe client side password decoder for Dreamweaver site definition files - as you can see if you view the source of this page, no information is sent to the server

Decode a Dreamweaver Site File


This is method is safe and private as no data leaves your browser, it uses the HTML5 FileReader to load a file in to the browser and parse it.

It appears that your Internet Browser doesn't support the HTML5 FileReader method so you cannot directly decode Dreamweaver STE files, you can still use the password decoder by opening the STE file in a text editior, locating the encrypted password and pasting it to the form opposite/above.

FTP Settings

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