Change Outlook 2013’s Default Search Scope

Change Outlook 2013’s Default Search Scope

I recently took the took the plunge and upgraded to Office 2013 which in turn comes with the upgraded Outlook 2013 as its email client.

Now while I was wholly unimpressed with new layout, along with the vast majority of the people that switch to it, I have slowly gotten used to it (but would move back to Office 2010 in the blink of an eye if I wasn’t so lazy!).

As a heavy email user, I use the search facility constantly but a ‘feature’ of the new version of Outlook is every time you browse away from the inbox and back again, it forgets whatever search scope you have selected and reverts to ‘Current Mailbox’ without any notification.  You then do a search and wonder why your seeing hundreds of emails instead of the couple in your inbox you expected.

Outlook 365 Search Scope DefaultFortunately there is a simple option to change this:

  • Go to File > Options
  • Select Search in the left hand bar
  • Under the Results heading in the right hand pane, select Current Folder under the ‘Include results only from’ sub heading.

Hey presto the search returns to the Outlook 2010 default scope of ‘Current Folder’ and stays there.


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