Stop Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) Playing Intro Music

Stop Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) Playing Intro Music

In recent years Cisco have have started coming around to the fact that while command line configuration has it’s place, a GUI configuration program is a hell of a lot easier for those of us that don’t ‘speak Cisco’.

Given that Cisco now has serious competition in the Unified Communications and PBX markets, they seem to have realized that requiring technicians to have completed various expensive Cisco courses just to be able to configure a simple PBX system probably isn’t the best policy.

Enter the Cisco Configuration Assistant, Cisco’s graphical control panel – I first installed it with very little hope and was pleasantly surprised, it made numerous tasks easy and certainly made getting an overview of an installation a breeze.

That Dam Music

My pet peeve – and the reason for this article – is that for some reason Cisco’s programmers decided that every time CCA loads, it needs to announce it’s arrival audibly and LOUD with some rubbish sound snippet they found on the web.  Why oh why?  It’s like a teenage flash developer has returned from the 90s.

How to Stop It

The answer is deceptively simple, go to the CCA installation folder

(generally c:Program Files (x86)Cisco SystemsSMBCisco Configuration Assistant)

Then do a search for all wav files (*.wav)

The following files appear:



Ensure CCS is closed and delete both of them – restart CCA and sigh in satisfaction as it fires up silently.

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