Cryptolocker ‘infects 250,000 PCs’

Cryptolocker ‘infects 250,000 PCs’

Ransomware is becoming more and more sophisticated.  The problem is, unlike typical virus infections, once your machine is infected, its already too late to do anything about it as your data is inaccessible.

A picture of the Cryptolocker software on a PC

So what precautions can you take?

Like any malware (malicious software), ransomware generally infects computer via exploits (security vulnerabilities) in software so its important to keep your software up to date.  This means not just Windows but all the day to day freebies such as Acrobat, Java, Flash, web browsers such Chrome, Firefox and – if you have to use it – Internet Explorer.

Additionally, make sure you have active and up to date anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Finally – the age old methods:

  • Don’t go to website with disreputable websites
  • Don’t open suspicious looking emails, especially if they have attachments.
  • Don’t download illegal software or media

You can read more here: Cryptolocker ‘infects 250,000 PCs’

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