Delete an Organisation from the Microsoft Partner Network

Delete an Organisation from the Microsoft Partner Network

I am one of many that have the misfortune of having to regularly use the Microsoft Partner Network Portal (well – portal implies a singular resource, its more like a sporadic unreliable archipelago of websites).  Recently however, my bad luck reached new levels when I had to try and complete the arcane and mystical journey to become a Microsoft Cloud Reseller – during this process, following The Great Riddle, I inadvertently created a duplicate ‘Organization’ in my Microsoft Partner Profile (I know – not my finest hour).  No worries, thought I – I will simply delete it when I get the chance.  LOL thought Bill Gates, good luck – there is quite literally no facility to do this anywhere.

A quick Google search showed that this isn’t exactly a hot topic (literally zero relevant results!) so I turned to the Microsoft Partner Support forum which – as it so often does – provided an empty page with the message “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again.” and oddly showed me logged in as “A. User”.

Delete Microsoft Partner Organization

The Solution

So it seems that there are only two ways to resolve this:

  1. Allow the erroneous Organization to expire – after 18 months it will be deleted automatically
  2. Call your Microsoft Partner Regional Service Centre and have them delete it for you.

For the reference of others, the MPN International support number when dialled from the UK is 0344 800 6006 (but presumably you could call +44 344 800 6006 from anywhere and get through), then option 4 for MPN)

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10 comments on «Delete an Organisation from the Microsoft Partner Network»

  1. Rahmi says:

    Hi, somehow I enrolled or joined to an organisation as a primary contact 🙂

    I tried to remove the organization(if I created it) but couldn’t find any way. Your directions are not working any more web site changed?

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Rahmi,

      Not sure which instructions you’re reading? The post says to call your regional Microsoft Partner support number.

  2. tony says:

    Hi, thanks for this post. Hard to find right numbers online 🙂
    Not sure why MS made it hard to cancel an account, My Ms Partner account got associated to the wrong email address and it took me two months of emails in the forum with MS staff to get it removed as changing it in the membership area did not work.

    Have to say that I was not impressed with the portal from an ease of use point of view , I don’t know if it has changed since 2014?

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Trevor.
      Glad it helped and thanks for the post! Regarding the portal age, its hard to say because in reality its not a single portal but rather a collection of portals on different domains linked by a SSO service (single sign-on service).
      I was chatting to a guy from the MPN support team a few months back and he said they are very much aware of how bad it is and are slowly working to improve it. Hopefully they’ll get the same team that re-worked the office 365 portal involved as they did a great job (although I wished they’d stop moving stuff around!). 🙂

  3. Dan says:

    Thank you for showing me that I am not too incompetent to read menus but that this is an intended feature of the microsoft world.
    The fact alone that I use google to find an answer to this mistery helps me to survive this level of stupidity MS shows. Especially if they had at least shown a login but no, only after I entered all relevant data. How hard is it to look at google and copy it?! Very for MS it seems…
    Did I mention that I tried the help chat? “What is Microsoft Partner it asked before spelling Microsoft wrong” whoever programmed this bot was not very good.

  4. Dan says:

    Thank you again, the UK Number helped me solve my problem.
    The German Support Number: +49 (0) 52411795023 – option 4
    I post it since my problem was due to login failures I wasn’t able to get any support number so this might be helpful for somebody in the same situation.

  5. Thank you for the tip and all the comments. I needed to close my Microsoft Partner account as I am no longer in that business. I called them and spoke to Jacob, and hed did´nt know how to do that. After insisting and trettening with exposiure on the social media he asked the “back Office” and no problem he could initiate it streight away. I still have to wait 18 month before removal – due to technical issues!!! Bull-shit.
    Jacob suggested that I closed my microsoft account – which I need for other microsoft services such as Cloud drive, O365 etc.

  6. Hi MS, We were wrong created new ID in MPN for our organization. Now, old original ID is showed like “expired” and new one is active, we don’t wanna new one and we want to activate old original ID for previous partner history records about Microsoft. We already phoned with MS agent about this but as their replied, there has technical issues in there and can’t guess how long will it take to escalate this case. We want exact answers and reports concerned with this case such as what technical issues is have in there and want to know timeline exactly because as you mentioned earlier above, the account ID that is expired will last to only 18 months and after this time, this account ID will automatically delete from MPN. We don’t wanna like this. If possible, kindly discover the issue and find the solution as soon as possible. Thanks and hope you will reply soon.

  7. Eileen Fisher says:

    I keep getting to dead links for phone numbers. I need an old partner account deleted. I need a US support center to call and can’t find a number. Can you provide the number? Thanks.

  8. Keith Fountain says:

    Thanks for the information Bob. I too have inadvertantly created a partner account whilst trying to link my work account to my MCP ID and work e-mail address. The phone number works fine and I was able to get my account deleted.

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