Entanet Broadband Peak & Off-Peak Times

Entanet Broadband Peak & Off-Peak Times

Our company uses Entanet for our FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) broadband and like most FTTP packages, there is a limit on usage except for during off-peak hours.

Usage during off-peak hours does not count towards your monthly allocation (it doesn’t ‘use up’ your allowance) but finding out what those times are is practically impossible for Entanet.

In the end I tweeted them and they directed me to a PDF brochure which had the times mentioned in – I’ve no idea why something so important isn’t on their website’s homepage!

Entanet’s Peak & Off-Peak Times

Broadband TypePeak HoursOff Peak Hours
Business FTTP 08:00 to 20:0020:01 to 07:59 & Weekends
Residential FTTP 08:00 to Midnight00:01 to 07:59 & Weekends


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