Using OpenVAS on Kali Linux 2020

Using OpenVAS on Kali Linux 2020

After a few months off, I decided to update my Kali laptop today and return to some ethical hacking shenanigans and also to check out if a frustrating bug present in OpenVas 8 was still there (where you couldn’t specify a range as a target either in the GUI or Command Line).

After a few round of updates and clean up, I found that running:


did nothing, nor did


I double checked and tried to install OpenVAS and got a message saying:

Using GVM instead

And was told it was already installed

It appears that as well as an update, OpenVas is commands are now rebranded along with the rebrand from OpenVAS to Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM).

On whim I tried instead running:


Lo and behold, it triggered the setup previously run by the command:


I’m guessing all commands prepended with openvas- will now be gvm.

I’m sure plenty of others will figure it out but thought I’d post in case either:

a) I forget

b) Or discover more little nuances and need somewhere to store them

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