GoDaddy Support Chat Never Available in Europe

GoDaddy Support Chat Never Available in Europe

Today I found myself needing to speak GoDaddy’s technical support again and yet again I found the chat unavailable.  Since their awful decision to stop ticket and email based support, I haven’t once seen chat available  – that is, unless I am (or appear to be) in the U.S. – when I am in Europe the option simply isn’t visible.

As you can see from the image below, this is complete bias on GoDaddy’s part, indicating they clearly don’t deem their European customers worthy of chat support.

If I’m in Europe and, like today, I don’t have it in me to join the ‘Phone Queue of Eternal Damnation’ by calling the GoDaddy Support number, I instead login to one of our servers in the U.S. and access the support page from there.  Low-and-behold the chat option miraculously appears.

The proof is in the image below – it shows the support page in GoDaddy logged in to the same account via one of our U.S. servers and via a U.K. internet connection – guess which one has chat available:

Screenshot Showing GoDaddy U.S.  & UK Support Chat

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  1. Blake says:

    damn suc service from godaddy. chat always say offline. im not happy with there service.. can anyone tell me when they available . ??

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