Pageok Error on GoDaddy Hosting

Pageok Error on GoDaddy Hosting

Recently while migrating a WordPress Website to GoDaddy I was presented with a blank page that simply said pageok.  I was confounded briefly until I realised that while the domain name I entered was definately pointing at GoDaddy’s servers correctly, I hadn’t actually configured the domain name on the hosting – so the hosting didn’t know what to do with it.

For GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting this was because I was still using the temporary domain name provided and hadn’t added the actually domain name to the site, despite having tricked my computer in to sending requests for that domain name to the new GoDaddy account.

So in summary, if you’re getting a pageok error, its unlikely to be a problem with DNS or your domain name, its more likely that you haven’t added the domain name correctly (or at all) to the hosting servers on that IP address!

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