Redirect Loop on SiteGround Hosting when using CloudFlare

Redirect Loop on SiteGround Hosting when using CloudFlare

I recently had a problem with the PhishDom website where the homepage was stuck in a loop showing a plan screen and the favicon on the tab just blinking like this:

When I popped open the Chrome Developer Tools and had a look at the network traffic, I could see something called /well-known/captcha/ initiating a redirect over-and-over.

A quick Google search for this quickly found multiple others having the same issues and some correctly identified the initiator as SiteGrounds “Anti-Bot AI” designed to prevent malicious bot traffic hitting the website.


I contacted the SiteGround support team who are excellent and they were convinced this was an issue with my CloudFlare configuration, however no other pages (only the homepage) were affected and my CloudFlare configuration for the website was vanilla (no special rules or configuration applied).

In the end, my ticket was escalated twice and then the supervisor agreed to disable the bot.

Once the AI bot had been disabled, I then started receiving this error when I visited the website:

To fix this, I had to purge the cache on CloudFlare to finally rid the site of all traces of the Anti Bot AI script.

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