LogMeIn Client/Ignition Update Breaks Customer Group Sorting (Fix)

LogMeIn Client/Ignition Update Breaks Customer Group Sorting (Fix)

A recent update by LogMeIn to ‘The Application Formerly Known As Ignition’* now known as ‘LogMeIn Client’ has broken the sorting of groups.  Sigh.  It seems to me that 50% of the updates by LogMeIn break something yet I’ve never noticed a new feature from one – what exactly are they doing I wonder?

Fortunately there is a very simple fix:

You should now be good to go but don’t forget to disable updating in LogMeIn to prevent the issues returning

*The reason for the ridicule of LogMeIn’s naming is because they have always had a LogMeIn client, when they renamed Ignition they saw fit to rename it LogMeIn Client, a baffling move that now means we effectively have the LogMeIn client and the LogMeIn Client client (installed together), someone really needs to have a talk with their marketing department.

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8 comments on «LogMeIn Client/Ignition Update Breaks Customer Group Sorting (Fix)»

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks Bob! Really appreciate it! Saw your post on the LMI forums. I’m curious though, were you able to track down the old installer somewhere or just restore those files form Windows Previous Versions or a backup? Of course I’m thinking “Damn! Why didn’t I think of that!” That sorting was a nuisance but not a complete deal breaker for me. Central is far more convenient than a lot of those other apps. However, whoever is making decisions at the top must be some type of corporate blowhard. Pretty good software with a lot of bad decisions made at the top.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Craig,

      Glad it helped! One of our technicians pulled it from an old installer.
      Yes I agree completely with you about LogMeIn, as a solution it really hasn’t progressed much over the past 5 years but there has been a lot of bugs. The biggest change I’ve seen has actually been in their pricing which has grown exponentially over the past 2 years. We’re currently evaluating other options and I’m sure we’re going to make the jump shortly – watch this space (or @BobMcKayUK on Twitter) for updates.

      1. John says:

        We’re using ScreenConnect and Remote Desktop Manager, in conjunction with one another; it’s been WAY better than logmein.

        1. Bob McKay says:

          Hey John,

          Thanks for the comment and the recommendations, much appreciated – I’ve never heard of ScreenConnect so will check it out!

  2. GaryW says:

    I also found that the version of Ignition/Client that’s designed to be run from a USB flash drive also doesn’t have the problem.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Gary,
      Thanks for the input and duly noted!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to document your findings.

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