Migrate Data to an Office 365 Shared Mailbox with MigrationWiz

Migrate Data to an Office 365 Shared Mailbox with MigrationWiz

Office 365 has a great feature called ‘Shared Mailboxes’ which can very easily be shared between users and can accept emails sent to them – the caveats being they cannot be accessed directly and cannot send emails.  We’ll forgive Microsoft those restrictions however, as the best thing about Shared Mailboxes is they are FREE!

Assuming you are using a tool such as MigrationWiz to migrate data from one server to Office 365, migrating data to a mailbox with no password can be a problem because you need to authenticate.

Happily, the solution to this is simple:

  • Setup Your Shared Mailbox on Office 365
  • Assign a aser as a member of the Shared Mailbox (granting them access to it)
  • When you setup the MigrationWiz (or whatever service you use) for that Shared Mailbox, on the Office 365 side (the Destination), enter the details like this:


MigrationWiz Shared Mailbox Office 365

The Email Address field identifies the shared mailbox as the destination mailbox and the Login Name and Password authenticate for access.  A quick ‘Trial Migration’ will confirm its worked for you.

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