Caesar Cipher Wheel Printable PDF

Caesar Cipher Wheel Printable PDF

UPDATED: 24th July 2021, I updated the design to fix the inner/outer ring label, to tweak the sizing and to add paper tabs to the outer ring that can hold the inner ring for those that don’t have a ping or clip to put through the middle.

My daughter recently made up her own cipher at school, inventing 26 characters of her own to write secret messages but she found the complex symbols tiring to write after a while.

We started talking about different ways people have encoded messages and the obvious example for her was the simple Caesar cipher.

As a Saturday project I promised we’d make some Caesar Cipher wheels and so for anyone else looking to do the same, I though I’d upload the design.

On a side not, for anyone interested in the origins of cryptography through to modern encryption techniques, I highly recommend  The Code Book by Simon Singh, really enjoyed it as it was informative but easy to read.

Click here to download the PDF

I recommend using the PDF for printing but you can see the design here:


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2 comments on «Caesar Cipher Wheel Printable PDF»

  1. Marc Dupuis says:

    I like the design you have here, but as an FYI the text for “Cipher Text” and “Plain Text” are backwards. The plain text is on the inside wheel, while the cipher text is on the outside wheel. It even notes this on your design. I’d be happy to update it if you could send me the original file. Either way, thanks for putting this together.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Thanks Marc, appreciate you spotting the labelling. I’ve updated the PDF to fix that and a few other tweaks!

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