Solved: Microsoft Partner Menu/Tab Missing from Office 365

Solved: Microsoft Partner Menu/Tab Missing from Office 365

The Partner Menu Used to be Top Right

The Partner Menu Used to be Top Right

I logged in to our Office 365 portal yesterday to begin working on a new customers setup, only to find that the partner menu in the top right of the corner was missing.  Given all the problems I had getting that menu (becoming a partner in the first place) I assumed initially that something had gone wrong.  I Google’d and couldn’t find anyone else with the same issue.

In the end it turns I had to dig deeper – Microsoft have moved the option, for some reason choosing to hide it away under the start menu style button on the top left:

New Office 365 Partner Menu Location


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1 comments on «Solved: Microsoft Partner Menu/Tab Missing from Office 365»

  1. Ted Evans says:

    Hi Bob,

    I’m not able to get the Partner option to show up anywhere in my portal yet. You mentioned that you had trouble getting it to show up in the first place. I’ve probably spent 6 hours over the last several weeks trying to get the “partner” option so I can administer all of my clients from the same portal. Anything you could offer to help would be appreciated. It Microsoft had a phone number I could call about this that might help too but I haven’t found any. So at this point I found this:
    “NOTE: This feature is available only to Microsoft Cloud Partners who are certified to offer delegated administration.” How do I become certified to offer delegated administration?
    I’ve already registered with the Microsoft Partner Network but not sure what else to do at this point.

    Thanks for your help.

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