Solved: Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Problems (Charging Paused Repeatedly)

Solved: Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Problems (Charging Paused Repeatedly)

So I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S6 after my phone contract came full circle and one feature in particular I was looking forward to was wireless charging, especially given the S6’s terrible battery life.

Updated 13th September 2016

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When the wireless charging pad arrived I immediately set it up and looked forward to casually throwing my phone on it whenever I sat down at my desk.

Unfortunately, every time I put the phone on the pad and it started charging, I’d get a message after a few seconds saying ‘Wireless Charging Paused’.  I have heard from others that this problem also affects the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and various other Samsung phones.

I spent the next little while trying all sorts (see below)

Fixes to Try

The following are fixes that have either worked for me or for others (thanks for all contributions!)

  • A different charger to supply power
  • Try replacing the power cable with a [easyazon_link identifier=”B017AURN0C” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”bomc-21″ popups=”n”] high quality low resistance one[/easyazon_link] (see below)
  • Try charging from a PC
  • Try disabling and re-enabling NFC
  • Try removing your case
  • Trying putting something between the phone and the charger to ‘raise it’ a little
  • Implement the ‘Daydream Solution’ below
  • Distance the charging pad from any speakers (as it uses magnetic induction)
  • Try running updates for Galaxy Apps (and Google Play Updates


Galaxy S6 & Galaxy Note Wireless Charging: The Daydream Solution

In the end I found a solution on a forum somewhere (sorry – can’t find it now!), the solution is to prevent your phone from going completely ‘to sleep’ while charging by enabling the Daydream feature specifically when charging, to do this:

  1. Go To ‘Settings’
  2. Go to ‘Display’
  3. Go to ‘Daydream’
  4. Ensure the Daydream option is turned on
  5. Select your preferred Daydream visual (I opted for the ‘Colours’ screensaver)
  6. Select ‘More’ in the top right corner of the Daydream screen
  7. Select ‘Select when to daydream’
  8. Ensure either ‘While Charging’ or ‘Both’ is selected

Alternative Solutions

Quite a few people have now contacted me and said that changing the cable to a shorter one worked for them. This confirms that in some cases, its a problem of not enough current (longer cables provide more resistance to the power).  If the shorter cable option works for you, I highly recommend spending a bit more on some good quality (high gauge, low resistance) USB cables so you can still have them long but with plenty of power getting through, I purchased some of these:

[easyazon_link identifier=”B017AURN0C” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”bomc-21″ popups=”n”]Sabrent 22AWG Premium Micro USB Cables[/easyazon_link]

Car Charging

[easyazon_link keywords=”Qifull Qi Wireless Car Charger Dock” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”bomc-21″]Qifull Qi Wireless Charger Samsung Galaxy[/easyazon_link]One thing that I found odd is that my [easyazon_link keywords=”Qifull Qi Wireless Car Charger Dock” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”bomc-21″]wireless car charger[/easyazon_link] – also a Qi charger – works fine without daydream mode of any of the other add fixes.

The only thing unusual about the car charger compared to my desk charger is that apparently has ‘3 coils’ to provide a “larger high-efficiency charging position”.

[easyazon_link keywords=”Qifull Qi Wireless Car Charger Dock” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”bomc-21″]Click here to see the car charger on Amazon >[/easyazon_link]


Visual Screen by Screen Solution

Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Problem-56-36

Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Problem-56-47

Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Problem-56-53

Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Problem-56-58

Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Problem-57-03

Update Galaxy Apps & Google Play Apps

Samsung made the following official statement via their support forum:

We recommend checking your Galaxy Apps store and Play Store for any updates. In the play store go to menu, then my apps & games. Here you can select to update all or select applications. In the Galaxy apps store you will select the more option on the top, then tap my apps. Here you will click update and your device will show you which applications require update. After completing this, you may clear the cached partition of your device. To do this you will power down the device and upon start up you will hold the volume up, home, and power keys until the device powers on into a boot mode. Once there you will use the Volume keys to navigate to the wipe cache partition option. You will then use the power key to select this. This will delete only temporary files used by the device and should not delete any saved data. Once this is complete. You will navigate to the reboot system option and use the power button to select this.


Bob McKay

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Bob is a Founder of Seguro Ltd, a full time father and husband, part-time tinkerer-with-wires, coder, Muay Thai practitioner, builder and cook. Big fan of equality, tolerance and co-existence.

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  1. Richard says:

    Thanks this should be mentioned on the box or Samsung to fix this issue.

    1. Monica says:

      did the daydream thing I have a note 5 but charging still pauses.. thanks anyways!

      1. c comeaux says:

        I have a Note 5 also, how did you do the daydream fix, Note 5 does not have that option.

        1. ToroTheBronxBull says:

          For daydream on the note 5 you will find it under display, then screensaver, away at the bottom

        2. Zhanna Kharabara says:

          If you go to settings first select display and wallpaper, then go to Screensaver on the very bottom, choose colors, and on the top right hand corner select more, choose select when to use and use while docked or while charging or both!

        3. Aaron Sadler says:

          its under screen saver, not day dream. same thing though

          1. Gina says:

            I figured this out on my Galaxy 5 note. Go to Settings>Accessories and turn off Fast wireless charging Then place your phone on the fast charger, wait about 10 seconds and turn fast charging back on. For whatever reason this works.

          2. Nina says:

            Thank you so much, it was so helpful, my problem solved

      2. Andy says:

        I had done on 3 Galaxy Note 5 with OTTER BOX casing already and all worked. Just remove all the casing, on the hard plastic part( the bottom piece) try to lightly bend the case outward using your fingers from two hands pressure on the middle of the bottom plastic casing toward you. Repeat a couple times, put the casing back and it works like a charm. NO MORE WIRELESS CHARGING PAUSE! I think somehow the hard plastic casing bend out from the center which creates a wider gap between the back of the phone and the charging plate. Good luck!

      3. Blake says:

        Still have your charger? Okay try this. Email me directly [email protected]. Go turn your screen on and put your phone on the charger. Tell me if it’s charging. Then if the screen shuts off and it pauses the charging process. Then go into your settings and change it to that way your phone stays on while it’s on the wireless charger Dock and everything else. Let me know if that works. My phone was having the same problem for the longest time and that’s what I’ve done to fix my problem.

    2. Dawn says:

      Hi, I have an S6 and it stopped having the wireless charging capabilities. It’s not even available in my phone settings (used to be) and now I have a wireless charger that is useless. Any ideas? I did update on Aug 23rd to 6.1 maybe it’s not supported anymore? Just seems so strange that it was a feature that now is totally gone.

      1. Bob McKay says:

        Hi Dawn,

        That’s interesting as I have an S6 and don’t remember ever seeing a settings option for Wireless Charging (although I never looked for it so maybe I have it wrong). As far as I was concerned it was either charging wirelessly or not. Do you remember what was in the settings as I can’t find any reference to it either.

        1. Dawn says:

          It used to be in the settings. You could chose whether it would make a sound when it was connected wirelessly. Now I have no wireless charging capabilities. Nothing happens at all. This is incredibly frustrating. If I lay the phone on it now, it does not show that it’s charging. Even though I will it to do so every time I try! haha
          I’m amazed that no one else is having this issue.

        2. Dawn says:

          I had a software update on Aug 23rd which is around the time it stopped working. If that’s the case, is there any way to reinstall a prior version? Or is that a good idea?THanks

          1. RKA says:

            YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have this exact issue. Searching Google for solutions is useless. Your post here is the only thing close I have found. I have considered doing a full reset to see if that would help, but I just did one recently because my phone was running terribly, so I just don’t really want to do it again already! Was wondering if it would be taken care of under warranty. But in researching that I find some places say 1 year warranty and others say 2 years. Can’t figure it out.

          2. James says:

            I just had the same problem. Wireless charging had been working fine, and just stopped a week or so ago. Tried it on two different pads (both of which worked before), with and without the case (both of which worked before, and nothing. The pads both work fine, and will charge my S7 (work phone) just fine.

            Really frustrating.

          3. Ryan Hom says:

            You can downgrade software easily and safely unless you are on the very newest firmware. Actually it depends on your carrier. Sprint uses a Qualcomm processor and can be downgraded easier than other carriers. It’s only an issue with the latest android version that makes it hard to downgrade. Google Odin software.. you can get both Odin and Android from sammobile. Com

        3. Crystal says:

          Bob and previous commenter, Dawn;

          First, I’m sorry because while viewing this thread on my phone I can’t seem to find where to leave a comment of my own that is not a “reply” to someone else’s thread. I don’t mean to hijack this thread but realize that’s sort of inevitable with my replying so my apologies!!

          Now, on topic, I just want to share that the charging (or lack thereof) issue was caused by a metal insert which I have in the back of my Otterbox case. This magnetic insert is for the purpose of my magnetic phone mount so I can use Google’s Maps as my GPS in my car. Anyway, the fix was to remove my case when using wireless charging or simply plug the charger directly into my phone. For me the obstacle (metal insert) was obvious but for someone who doesn’t know how the charger works – and I imagine there are those who truly don’t know this – I’d like to suggest this update to your list of possible causes.

          Thanks for your consideration of my input and also because reading your article was the memory jog *I* needed toward remembering that the charger works with magnetic resonance and thus facilitated my own moment of, “DUH, I need to remove case/metal plate!!!”

          Very helpful and informative article, I surely learned lots!!

          1. Omar says:

            my Note 5 is not charging a bit using 3rd party wireless charger, after doing everything mentioned unsuccessfully till I read your comments regarding the metal insert at the back which looks same as mine, when I removed it wireless charging work magically fine, thanks for your assistance, I am grateful.

          2. Nino says:

            You Crystal are my hero. I have been so frustrated with the charger pausing. I tried all those other tips nothing worked. I removed that metal piece and like magic it worked like a charm.

            Thank you.


          3. Daves says:

            I was having the same issue after reading this I removed the medal disc that I had stuck to the back for a magnetic mount and the problem went away.
            Thank you for this post!

    3. Louis Martinez says:

      Thank you kindly. This worked, didn’t work and yes it WORKS. Amigos make sure the Daydream activates to function properly.
      Since August I have owned Note 5 and the inclined wireless Samsung charger, connected to original Samsung charger and cable. Wireless charging just stopped working, began “charging paused”, on Thanksgiving 2016.
      First: I did the Daydream fix and it worked while homescreen was on for about 10 seconds. Did NOT show the daydream “color” screen. The moment it screened off, it paused charging.
      Second: I turned on FAST charging. I previously had turned it off to hopefully extend battery life. No luck, “Charging paused.”
      Third: I connected to a different quad charger(not recommended by Samsung). First I used the a lower 1.0 amp port and thinnest cable. Didn’t work.
      Fourth: I connected wireless charger to the 2.0 amp port and largest cable. Didn’t work.
      FIFTH: I reset the phone onto the inclined charger base and then the DAYDREAM screen came on, and NOW it charges correctly. I had to manually turn off screen.
      Sixth: I reconnected the original Samsung charger and cable. Screen went to DAYDREAM and that works perfectly.

      Make sure the DAYDREAM comes on to function properly.

      Other Charging Notes:
      I have the Schoche magnetic phone holder for car windshield. I made the mistake of mounting magnet directly to the back of Note 5. Sometimes charging worked but there was a lot of charging paused. It did not work with covers on. Also the robust Spigen Tough Armor Series cover does not allow wireless charging. I remounted a magnet to this cover and keep it for auto use only.

    4. Pierre duPont says:

      Had he same issue with my Note 5. Found that my Note 10.1 tablet charger mde it work so I tried a 2.1 amp charger. Seems to work now.

    5. Jennifer says:

      A shorter cable melted my note 5 charging port…hence the reason I have to wireless charge.

      1. Bob McKay says:

        Hi Jennifer, sorry to hear you charging port melted but this isn’t due to the length of the cable per se. The cable length generally just affects the resistance to power conducting through it (although other factors such as the gauge, material and quality affect it to0). If a charging port melted it’s either a bad charging circuit (at one end or the other) or a bad connector. A shorter cable to your wireless charging pad simply means you are likely to get more power to the pad with the same charger, although buying a better quality long cable can have the same impact (that’s what i do).

    6. Jim says:

      Shut off the phone hold power home and volume up this will boot into recovery mode use the volume keys to select clear cache partition, this will remove the error that is causing your problem and your data will be untouched just only clear the cache partiton and then select reboot the device, it will work now if it comes back repeat the steps again!

      1. Jorge says:

        Thanks Jim
        I clear the cache partiton, problem solve.

      2. Joanna Rodriguez says:

        It worked!!! I also took it out of the power strip due to the comment below to be safe! Thanks!

    7. Chris says:

      Just for me,what worked is when I stopped using an extension cord or power strip. Instantly cured.

  2. Rich says:

    Sweet! Thanks for the tip.’

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Rich,

      No problem – glad it helped!

      1. Vojtech Pavlik says:

        Thank you so much Bob 🙂 helpful

      2. Jamey says:

        My wife and I have had our wirelss chargers more than 1 month now. Worked great until last night on wifes phone. Only charged hers to 50 percent. Keep pausing wireless charging. Mine still works but hers does not. I do not have mine on daydream and neither does she. Any suggestions??

        1. Bob McKay says:

          Hey Jamey,
          No idea – this just deepens the mystery unfortunately as I can’t think of anything that would degrade over this period of time other than the battery?

          1. Ryan says:

            Thanks bro, replacing shorter cable works for me. Very helpfull!

        2. Kevin says:


          I had the same problem i have replaced my charge cable to a low resistance cable and now works great

          1. suzy says:

            i find just tering the phone off works so i use it wile sleeping
            or wathing tv at nights and if i have to charge in day hrs i fast charge

          2. David says:

            Tried all but nothing worked until I replaced my charging cable to a thicker one now works fingers crossed!

        3. art jumper says:

          I went to the better quality cables and it totally fixed my problem.

          1. Bob McKay says:

            Hi Art,

            Glad it helped!

        4. LH says:

          From posts below – settings display then screen saver…that’s daydream. I just tried hoping will work!

      3. Alicia says:

        Got Samsung wireless charger as a gift. Plug it in and the lights pop on and go away showing that it’s turned on. I put my phone on it and it doesn’t do anything, could it be faulty or is there a setting i need to opt. I have a Samsung note 4. Any help would be appreciated.

        1. Krste Kostoski says:

          Note 4 has no wireless charging possibility unless you add coil to it

      4. Angelica says:

        My husband has a Galaxy Note 5 and we did exactly what you said which was to turn on the daydream mode but however it still says charging paused any other suggestions ?

        1. Bob McKay says:

          Lots! Have a read through the full post and comments. Many people have found upgrading to a better cable solved the problem, while others had to switch the charger powering their wireless charging pad.

          1. Christina Horrell says:

            I happened to have a shorter cable that goes to my tens unit but is the same style, I switched it out and my phone charged perfectly. Make sure the daydream option is turned on. I have a Note 5 with an Otterbox Defender case. I alook put my mom’s brand new s7 on it turned off and it completely charged it so who the hell knows about these crazy gadgets that would make our lives sooooo much easier if they weren’t so finicky lol

      5. Abasin Azad says:

        Hi Bob Greetings
        Sadly I also have the same issue. My Note 5 (Duos) does not have Day Dreaming option under settings & display.. please advise what to do ? as I bought a 2nd wireless charger as well and usually move away from my desk after each few minutes, so connecting cable is almost dead option for me.

        Looking forward for your kind feedback !

        1. Christina Horrell says:

          On the Note5 (I also have it and was like umm no that’s not there lol) anyhow… settings- display and wall paper – then all the way at the bottom select Screen saver then make sure it’s turned on and then Select the More button in right hand corner and then Select- when to use and then click both. I too also switched to a shorter cord, because I saw it listed to try and that helped way better but as soon as my screen went dark it paused and I got all the day dreaming stuff going and woke up to a charged phone!

        2. Karm says:

          Yeah settings display then screen saver…that’s daydream

        3. Joe says:

          I just had the same problem, so I turned on my WiFi, i havent had any issues after that, i have a note 5 also, try it , should fix the problem…

          1. Monica says:

            I turned my wifi off and was able to finally get a full charge.. thanks!

      6. scott says:

        Okay I think I figured it out if you have the stand up version you cannot use the fast charger adapter that goes into your wall you have to use the normal one. I did all the configurations between the two type of chargers and right now the only thing that works on mine Note 5 is the slow charger that is connected to the stand.
        Now for the trailer flat charger you can use the fast charger adapter that plugs into the wall and that works. I don’t know why but it does

  3. Bob says:

    Thanks man! Me and the lady from at the Verizon store was trying to figure this out for a couple hours. We even took it across the parking lot to the Samsung desk at Best Buy and their whole team couldn’t figure it out either.

  4. Jerry P says:

    Thank you for the info. I had my Note 5 for a week and had the issue from day one. Now with your info i am charging with no issue.

  5. Brenda B says:

    Thank you SO much!! This issue was driving me CRAZY w/ my Note 5. Loved the idea of wireless charging but was ready to take it back. Can’t wait to see how it works this evening.

  6. Johnny says:

    Thank you so much. When I bought the phone. Someone was just returning their wireless charger for this same issue. I have looked online and everyone keeps saying to set it to “Day dream”. What they fail to mention is to go to “more” and set to “while charging”. Mine was set to “While on Dock”, which I do not have. I changed the settings as suggested and it is working. It should not work like this. I do not want my phone shining bright in the the middle of the night. I hope Samsung can fix this issue soon.

    Thanks again.

  7. Robert says:

    I have a new note 5 (3-4 days old). I was excited to read this, but unfortunately it is still not working after trying your fix. I am on my second charger. It is a Verizon VZW3coil-wc. I have tried with the case off. I updated all the apps, which strangely worked for awhile, I have tried NFC on and off. I have tried different screen timeout periods, smart stay on and off.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Robert,
      The only thing I can suggest is to make sure you’ve got a high power charger feeding the wireless charging pad and good quality cable (particularly if its a long one – you lose a lot of power over short distance as its ‘DC’ current).

      1. Dale says:

        You living legend. 2 hours of head scratching, day dream mode fiddling and voila. In moving my the two wireless chargers for the G2 and phone I had swapped the chargers around. Changed them back and problem solved.

        Appreciate your sharing this with the world.



        1. Sean says:

          Swapping back the original cable that works with the original charger works for me. When I moved from one place to another place, the cables got accidentally mixed up.

          Thanks for the tip

      2. Nenad Stojanoski says:

        Thank you Bob.
        I also tried everything except this, first with my new Samsung charger, but without daydream, than with my old Samsung charger with daydream, still nothing. Then after reading this comment, I plugged my new charger with daydream and it worked.


        1. Bob McKay says:

          Hey Nenad,

          Thanks for the comment, glad it helped!


        2. Jim says:

          Boot into recovery mode and clear the cache partition it will go away till the issue that causes this to occur happens again but it will stop for a while

      3. Geri Lopker says:

        HI, Bob, I appreciate your suggestion to check the actual plug (fast charge 5v 2A) AND the cord. I was all set to return both of my Samsung Fast Wireless Chargers…when I tried this…so far, so good. I plugged the fast charger into a different 5v 2A outlet AND plugged in a very short USB cord. Set it up sideways and centered, and voila, it is working perfectly. The LENGTH of the cord was instrumental to success!

        1. Bob McKay says:

          Hey Geri,

          Really appreciate the comment! If you do want to use a longer cable for convenience, a lower resistance one should work. Thicker cables have lower resistance and higher power delivery. I’d recommend trying these Sabrent 22AWG Micro USB Cables ones!

          1. Wayne says:

            Thanks Bob

            I ordered a wireless charger which was delivered this morning and have the same problem with the charging pausing. My USB cable feels damaged close to the connector (a few strands of the wires may be broken) but still works when charging my S6 Edge non-wirelessly. I’ll go and buy a new cable over lunch time and see what happens, as I think that the problem is that the cable’s resistance is too high.

          2. Wayne says:

            I’m using a colleagues BlackBerry cable and it is working perfectly. The cable is thick, so I am sure its resistance is lower.

      4. reese says:

        Worked for me too. Kudos and Merry Christmas!

      5. L. Wilkins says:

        Mr. McKay, thank you for this post. Shorter usb cable did the job. Will they a thinner one later to add length.

    2. Ann says:

      If you find out what it is, please let me know. I am in the same boat as you. I have tried everything, including putting a piece of paper folded between the phone and charger, which one engineer said worked for him.

      1. Bob McKay says:

        Hi Ann,
        If you read through the post and the comments there are quite a few things to try. Did you try the solution I posted? There are others such as shorter cables, better power supplies, etc.

    3. AS says:

      Holy hell. I would never have thought to replace the cable. I had one that was about 3 inches too long. This was the only problem.

      It makes sense, I just would never have thought of that.

  8. Jessica says:

    It’s still not working for me, last night I tried it by my night stand away from any other electronics and had the same issue. I have it with me at work today and it’s near my comp and phone which might be a problem as it’s still not working. I think I may have a faulty one. Do you think it matters if the phone has a case or not, I don’t have a case on mine as yet.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Jessica,
      Sorry to hear yours isn’t working still. To answer your question, mine works with and without its silicone case but I don’t have to position it centrally. Are you using it with a powerful charger (the Samsung one should work)

  9. Larry says:

    I have the note 5 on Verizon network. Bought the phone from Best buy with the Samsung wireless charger. I had it since September 7th and from day one the charging starts blinking blue and stops charging within 5 – 15 min. Tired many different things for a week and nothing fixed it. Spent the last 10 days with samsung support and nothing resolved. So after 10 days tyring to fix the issue I was told my to contact verizon from Samsung support. So since they can’t fix the issue they try to just pass it on to Verizon. Very disappointed with samsung support.

  10. craig says:

    Thanks Bob , that fixed my issue. I shared it on Youtube with others with the same problem.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Craig,

      Glad it helped! Thanks for the post!

      1. Shel Roth says:

        I changed the daydream settings
        And I still can’t get it to work..just keeps pausing.

        1. Ryan says:

          use the original cable supplied with your phone to connect to charging pad and then set it to daydream. Use black pic so it doesn’t light the screen. remove the case as well… worked for me.

    2. chris says:

      can you post a link to your post on youutube.

  11. GarciaM25 says:

    Thanks for commenting on my video describing the issue:

    I wonder if this has more to do with the device powering on the screen and thus draining the battery constantly, which in turn would constantly require a battery charge, than it does fix the hardware / software issue that Samsung itself is not acknowledging. Regardless, if it works, that’s great – I won’t be able to tell because there are way too many flaws with this phone that I have sold my S6 Edge for a Moto X Pure Edition.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      No worries – your comment reminded to it was a good place to spread the word! I think you’re right – I think the screen drawing power makes the phone draw a little more current, holding open the ‘gates’ so to speak.

  12. Jeffrey says:

    This has been driving me nuts! A few times I awoke to find my phone at 20% because it never really charged. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Jeffrey,

      Thanks for posting – glad it helped!

  13. Angela says:

    I’d like to set my daydream to a clock since I have to have it on all night to work with my wireless charger. Do you know of an app that does this? Thanks!

  14. cathy says:

    I just tried your idea, Bob, so far, fingers crossed, it’s not blinking. thank you for the help

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Cathy, thanks for the comment – fingers crossed for you too!

  15. aka says:

    Still have the problem eve after activation the Daydream . the charger still blinking and it pause the charge on my phone . i have galaxy note 5 . please advice

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Aka – have you tried putting something between the charger and the phone to raise it up a little, ensure you’re using a short cable and powerful charger and have the phone centered.

      1. Shel Roth says:

        Me too…tried all that I have an s6edge…nothing is working

      2. Janice says:

        HI Bob,

        I tried the suggestions of daydreaming and change power cord to be shorter; however, neither one works. The funny part is that my husband and I got Samsung Note 5 on the same day and his phone is charging without a problem but my phone just keeps pausing and disconnecting and never got charged through wireless. When I connect to USB cord, it’s charged; however, once it’s 100%, it’s beeping on/off to tell you it’s charged at night, which is very annoying. Any suggestion regarding these two issues? Thanks!

        1. Bob McKay says:

          Hi Janice,

          I’m afraid if you have both got the same phone and the same revision/firmware then I’m at a complete loss but this does definitely lend credence to the possibility of this being a manufacturing defect within Samsung phones. The only other thing to try is alternative chargers (higher power)

  16. David says:

    Thank you so much. Frustrating problem that was an easy fix. Why isn’t this part of the instructions that come with the charger?

  17. joel says:

    Finally! been searching for this fix for month….what a pain. I guess that’s the price we pay for wanting the coolest and latest tech toys-(too bad though) Thank you!

  18. shelo says:

    Thannks, it worked! Was getting annoyed when it stopped working just after two days! Time to spread the news!

  19. Dave says:

    I’m having this problem still. I tried daydream with the clock app, doesn’t work. I tried a new charger, it doesn’t work. Best Buy said a new charger is coming out shortly that will work better with the note 5. I might try that. Since I exchanged the harder it has worked 1 day out of 5. Very annoying.

  20. Mike says:

    Thank you…looks like it works. FYI, even with the daydream on, you can turn the display off by hitting the power button (annoying, but hey, the charging works now). It was only a problem with the fast charging pads. Normal pad worked for me.

  21. Mark says:

    Thanks for this. Charges up to 100% OK but then says battery charged with the beeb goes off and then just repeats. Dammed annoying!

  22. Jonathan Mays says:

    I tried this with my galaxy note 5 it didn’t work. Any Solutions for the galaxy note 5? I have 2 chargers it does the same on both set it to charge-qcharging wirelessly via fast Wireless charge then about 10 – 30 seconds later it goes wirelessly charging paused. Thank goodness I only had to wait a month or two for my two wireless chargers @ about $150 that I can’t use. Please help.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Nothing off the top of my head but I’m about to do some experiments and will post the update. My phone was stolen last week so I got a new one – at the same time I got a new *car* wireless charger. I dropped the phone in to it and it started charging wirelessly with no problem (not using the fix in this blog post). Great, I thought, Samsung have fixed it in this model. As it turned out the problem is still there with my other chargers so it appears that its charger-specific. What’s different about the charger that is working? Three things:
      1) Its a DC-to-DC power supply so the output is likely to have a different type of interference
      2) It has 3 charging coils offset to maximize the chance of one lining up
      3) It is powered by a power supply with 4am output (not two like most of them).

      I’m going to disconnect it from the car and try it on my mains power supplies which will help isolate where the problem is.

      1. Sezme says:


        I was having the repeated “charge paused” error, the blinking lights, the waking up to less that 100%. When I went to my S6 settings-battery, and turned off fast cable charging it started working like it was intended to. S6 with a case. Hope it works for others.

    2. Joel says:

      I had two note 5s pause charging after a minute or so on the fast charger. did it on every fast charger I have and at the Verizon store. They did charge via the cable. Bad news, it is the phone. Had the phones replaced and problem solved. The manufacturer is aware of the issue.

  23. Bob says:

    I used the daydream mode on my S6 and it solved the problem with “charging paused”. However, the daydream mode screen takes a lot of power, and the net charge is negative. That is, the screen display takes more current than the charing pad puts into the battery. If I turn off the phone to blank the screen, most of the time the phone goes into “charging paused” mode again. Galaxy S6, Otter box case, Samsung ep-pg920i charger

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Bob,

      It works for me – I did set the screen brightness a little lower than I normally would have. Some people have said that selecting a blank black picture for your Daydream image helps (because your phone adjusts the brightness based on the tones of the image on the screen).

      1. Phyllis says:

        Hi Bob, I’m trying out your “fix” as I’m having the same issues as everyone else with my charger. I’ve turned Daydream on and set it to “while charging” but I don’t know how to set the screen to black. I don’t see that option.

  24. Kevin says:

    Hi Bob,
    It did not work. I set to daydream as you described. It toggles back and forth every few seconds it displays charging wirelessly for 1 second then wireless charging paused.

  25. Kevin says:

    Hi Bob,
    It did not work for me. It is charging for 2 seconds, then charging paused, then charging, then charging paused. Any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  26. Mike Whiffin says:

    It is definitely a power issue. Use a charger with above a 2A output (my S6 charger is above that and works fine). It even works with Daydream turned off. 🙂

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Mike,

      The first thing I tried was a 4A charger I’ve got here and no dice for me, even with a short 20AWG charging cable. If I use my car’s wireless cradle with a 2A cigarette-lighter charger and a crappy long charging cable and it works every time!

  27. bob earl says:

    I had the same issue with my S6 pausing on the charging pad, using the AC Adaptor and USB cord that came with the phone cured it.

  28. Mark says:

    I had no problem with wireless charging on my note 5 until a couple weeks ago. I had it a few days before street date. I currently use the ‘new’ fast charging enabled samsung wireless charger, and their car dock. No problems until like I said, a couple weeks ago.

    The car charger works, until any of the following occur:
    a) the screen turns off or I turn it off.
    b) the screen changes rotation (e.g. from portrait to landscape, or vice versa)

    The charging pad does the same thing if the screen state changes. Within seconds of the screen turning off, it stops charging and blinks at me. None of this happened a couple weeks ago. It’s like suddenly any change in screen state breaks the charging.

    If I use my car dock app to force always portrait, or always landscape, I can spin the phone cradle around all day and nothing goes wrong. It appears to be 100% tied to changes in screen state. Power or orientation.

    It’s pretty bogus. Jumping in on wireless charging wasn’t exactly pocket change, and it’s becoming very disappointing. If they don’t acknowledge that it is a problem, (and c’mon, keeping the screen on with daydream and other crap isn’t a ‘fix’ it’s a kludge workaround at best) I’m probably going to try to return it all. Didn’t buy an $800 phone, and another $150ish in chargers for it to not work.

  29. Jacob says:

    I have a issue where my note 5 won’t charge fast on the fast wireless charger. When I put my phone on the fast charger it just says charging wirelessly. I’m using the adaptive fast charging plug that came with my phone.

  30. sam says:

    I was having trouble but I followed your advice and it still kept pausing but looking further down I saw about the plug so I’ve changed to the proper Samsung plug and now it’s working perfect thank you

  31. luis says:

    This great but now I have the screen on with trippy colors while charging….. How can I change it so its turned off while charging?

  32. Lora says:

    I just recently upgraded from the iPhone 6+ to the Samsung 6 Edge and one of the things that excited me was the wireless charging capability. I got the charging dock from Verizon, tried it off and on for 2 weeks only to returnot to the verizon store completely frustrated. They assured me it was just a setting on my phone. It wasn’t the daydream setting though! Tried the charger another week to no avail…took it back only to be told now I’m out of my 14 day return window! After spending 45 minutes in the store the manager reassured me its just a software issue and Samsung will come out with an update soon. Well I just came across your fix so I CAN’T WAIT to try it later!!!! Thank you!!! ☺ Hated paying for something that served no purpose!

  33. Kathy says:

    I just got the samsung Galaxy S6. Was excited about the wireless docking station from Verizon because my cats like to chew power cords. Well, like those before me, can’t get the darn thing to stop dinging that the charge is paused. I did the whole daydream mode setting as well. Any other suggestions are welcome! Going to charge it the old fashioned way for now.


  34. Miguel Turner says:

    Hi Bob. Thanx for your tip. I had this problem for 2 months and couldn´t find an answer in any Samsung offical blog. Now, it´s solved thanks to you. Great!!!

  35. Jim Hays says:

    I had a similar problem with my s6. The Daydream setting did nothing to help. I restarted the phone, no go. But I did resolve the issue with a restart of the wireless charger. I unplugged the charger from the USB cable and reseated the USB cable. Set the phone on it and it resolved the issue.

  36. Isaac says:

    you are officially the man!

  37. I bought two of these Samsung Fast Wireless Chargers when they first came out on Amazon. I keep one at home and one at my work desk. They’ve been working great except for a couple of days ago. Your solution seem to help. I always thought having the “daydream” function would cause the phone to not charge as quick as you want… Oh well, at least with your solution I’m able to get it to charge. I think this is definitely a software bug of some sort and not related to hardware. I was worried and I’m glad that this proves that. 🙂

    Thanks for the help!
    – Jay

  38. Dave says:

    Brilliant!!!, was about to take it back for a refund till i changed the day dream settings as you recommended. Worked a treat, no more on/off charging. Thanks.

  39. JO Cordero says:

    What I’ve discovered is that battery monitoring apps are what cause the charging disruption. Not sure why, but when I uninstalled any battery monitoring apps, wireless charger worked flawlessly.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Thanks Jo,
      I don’t have any monitoring apps installed but other people might, could you confirm which ones you removed?

  40. richie says:

    Any other tips, this didnt work for me 🙁
    Purchased charger online and using an old cable (no usb)

    1. reese says:

      Better use cable and brick fixed it for me.

  41. Vlad says:

    for the guys who are not happy with the colors and he screen being on like me.
    Enter developper options and turn on StayAwake while charging. of course turn OFF daydream.
    Same effect but without the annoying problem.


  42. Bryan says:

    Placing a ~1/4″ thick, non-metallic spacer (e.g. 2 pieces of cardboard) between the phone and the wireless charger is the only fix that works for me. No idea why this helps, but perhaps it places the phone into an area where the inductive field from the charger is stronger. Give it a try!

  43. Rick says:

    Tried daydream and it works. Thanks.
    I noticed an odd behavior for 2 months on wireless charging and it only came up during sleep mode. I did not have issues in car. Love the car bracket. Got one that fits on air vents. Simply pull off snd go. No wires to get caught on stuff.

  44. Jerry says:

    Dude. Thank you. You saved me a trip to the ATT store.

  45. Jeremy Gabasa says:

    Hi guys. I just want to share that if changing day dream setting still doesn’t fix the issue, try plugging the wireless charger into a wall socket. Don’t plug it using extension cords and other similar devices. Plug it directly into a wall socket. Worked for me…

  46. James says:

    unfortunately it did not work on my Note 5, I plugged into the usb port on my laptop. it fixed the issue, I am guessing it’s the adapter.. tried the one that came with my phone same deal. So i have to plug into my laptop to get it to work

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi James,

      That’s very surprising as the power output of a USB port is rarely above 1A (less than 500mA for USB 1.0 and 2.0 ports). This may be a different kind of problem you’ve discovered with some wireless chargers not working when over-powered (rather than under-powered).

    2. Van says:

      I know this thread is old, but just in case anyone is still having this issue, the USB port worked for me. Some chargers will straight up not work if the adapter they are plugged into is putting out too much power.

      I tried pretty much everything in this forum. I bought a cheap wireless charger on amazon (link at bottom) and it refuses to work when plugged into my official Samsung fast charger adapter. I got it to finally go solid green when plugged into a USB port either on my laptop or USB splitter. It still disconnects if my phone goes to sleep though.

      It will also charge if plugged into a regular USB wall charger adapter. I’m using an official Apple USB to plug adapter. It seems like this charger cannot handle the higher voltage output of the fast charger. My Fast charger outputs 9.0 V – 1.67 A or 5.0V – 2.0A.

      ( )

  47. Cool says:

    You have to plug your charger in an outlet by itself,what I have learned when I plug in my computer charger in the same outlet my wireless charger starts blinking blue,so I unplugged my computer charger and now my phone is back to charging back to fully charged green

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Cool,

      Thanks for the comment. If you are seeing this behavior then I would check both your laptop charger and your wireless charger as this shouldn’t happen. This looks like your laptop charger is generating some pretty heavy noise on the power circuits. You will probably find you will also have problems using powerline adapters with that charger plugged in to (I’ve seen that behavior before).

  48. aaron says:

    Hey do you know if there are similar issues with regular non-fast charging wireless charger? Needless to say j have note 5 and am experiencing same issues, setting it to daydream did not work and was thinking about taking it back and getting the older non-fast charging model

  49. Sarah says:

    Been crazy with this bug for last 15 minutes. My issue was first around other electronic products. Second with samsung plug. I have s6 edge+ and samsung pad. my dad who is elec engineer tested voltage and few other stuffs and figured coils wont spin when phone and pad are too close or too far so that method of putting folded paper or even slightly bigger gap might work for samsung pad. Samsung pad worked perfectly fine on my sister and mother’s note 5. I was mad for awhile. 🙂

  50. vil says:

    I’m trying everything I can but my charging doesn’t want to charge my phone for what ever reason, I just bought the cahrging pad today from best buy

  51. Steve Cannon says:

    I have tried three different Samsung chargers and all techniques given here. The one that seems to work for my Note 5 with no case is the spacer between the charger and the phone. I used a cork coster.
    Thanks for the help here, disapointed in Samsung and the lack of support for this issue.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for the addition to the comments. I suspect the problem lies with the chargers (still Samsung’s fault in your case) as mine works fine with *some* charges just not all – very frustrating given how this is supposed to be a hassle free convenience!

    2. Steve Cannon says:

      I upgraded to the Samsung Fast wireless charger. This one works with no spacer and when my phone comes off this in the morning it is always 100% charged. With the standard one it would charge to 100% in the night and then stop charging and start the normal discharge (as if it was off the charger).

  52. Flo says:

    Fixed,you have to use original charger.No prob after that .

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Flo, I think most people (myself included) started off with the original charger and it still didn’t work. I’m fairly certain there are manufacturing defects on some devices (perhaps the orientation or positioning of the induction coils) that makes some phones more difficult to charge than others and so require more power or different distance between the device and the charger. Glad you got yours sorted though!

    2. Scott J. says:

      This is not a fix for everyone. I literally took the charger out of the box, and immediately plugged it in with the included new adaptor and cable, placed my phone on it, and it went into “paused” mode within 5-10 seconds, and has done this every time since for the last week.

  53. Cyndi Kershaw says:

    Wow, I’ve been having this problem for awhile now and finally googled the problem. I followed your link and read your instructions, my phone setting are now changed. All while thinking how simple and who would have know! Thanks for sharing this simple setting change that will now let my phone charge to 100%.

  54. sandy says:

    Worked perfect!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  55. Dan says:

    Well tried it on my wifes S6 and its a hit and miss with day dream. Funny my Note5 doesnt have an issue on the same charger. It will charge and stay at 100. I think its something with the S6 or something in the softwear.

  56. Leah says:

    I was having a lot of issues with wireless charging but only at my desk at work. I started to troubleshoot with the above recommendations and it helped for a short time but only about a week. My charger was doing the same thing as others- would start to charge wirelessly originally and then it would pause after about 2-3 seconds.

    The only thing that helped completely long term was to plug the wireless charger directly into a wall outlet (rather than using a computer/CPU USB drive). I’m guessing it’s just too low voltage for a computer USB drive. Works perfectly now! Thanks for all of your help, everyone! It’s so nice to have such friendly and courteous advice!

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Leah,
      That definitely makes sense as most computer/laptop USB ports provide no more power than 900Ma where as wall chargers often provide a little of 2000Ma of power!

      1. mohamed says:

        sorry, not all the time, i tried all the solution and it doesnt work untill i tried the usb of my laptop and that is the only one works for me. even the wall socket doesnt work

        1. Scott J. says:

          That is certainly unusual. I just tried my PC, my netbook, and my work laptop, and the only one that can push enough power is my PC (which makes sense as I have a dedicated USB PCI card that I bought specifically because it had the high power output.

  57. Ron Sciara says:

    Bob,just a thought…Do you think the tempered glass Screen protectors could be causing some kind of wireless charging interference?
    I recently did 2 thinks and the same time…1 I took the Samsung wireless charger with me when traveling one weekend and also installing a new glass screen protector on my Note 5. When returning home and plugging back in to the same exact location in my house the flashing blue error message started with the thic rubber case on, and would not constantly charge with case on or off with out error message. Tried everything you mentioned but could not get the charger working consistently so I returned for a new one and the new on a little better still throws the flashing blue error message. The thing that surprises me most is the charger worked perfect the first 3 weeks I used it until what I explained. Side note…I did notice while fast charging with included charger when error comes on fan shuts down immediately, but if you plug in a charger that has only the 5v output (fan does not run) charger will work every time with no error case on or off. So with the fast charger anyway it seems error blue flashing led will only be present with fast charging mode enabled and fan needs to run…Hope this helps us all get to to the final root cause of this problem.


    1. Bob McKay says:

      Thanks Ron, really interesting! I’ve got a silicon case on mine and a glass screen protector and it charges fine on both my wireless chargers (using high quality USB cable in to a high powered USB charger) but I do notice that it has to be centered on my desk charger (car one is a cradle)

    2. Tina says:

      Mine worked fine the first 3 weeks, too. I got a replacement pad and the replacement pad did the same thing right out of the box. I’m just returning the Samsung pads and maybe I’ll try an off brand one instead. I tried to work with Samsung Support and they wanted me to replace my (month old, NEW) device.

  58. Shehzad Ahmed says:

    Dear Bob,

    I tried following your instructions but unfortunately my Note 5 is still having the same issue. The charger pause every 10-12 seconds. Can you please help?


    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Shehzad,
      I’m afraid everything I know is listed in these pages – have you tried all the options?

    2. mike h. says:

      try an iPad charger….it worked for me!

  59. Marcellus Hudson says:

    Tried it and it didn’t work. Phone was on 15%. Turned phone off and put it on charger. It worked! Guess it just doesn’t work when its real low and on. Bob McKay you’re still awesome even tho I don’t know you!

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Marcellus, thanks for the comment and glad you found a workaround!

  60. Firas says:

    Hi Bob i have samsung wireless charging of the avanger and HTC M7 with wireless chaeger assessor and the covecase when I put my M7 on the samsung charging pad the M7 is not 100% it show around like 70% or 80% and the it blink when it turn blue and green Iam trying to solve the problem but I still dont know any idea what is wrong?

    1. MARK WEISS says:

      Currently experiencing the blinking blue light with a new Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and Samsung Note 5 phone on latest firmware.

      I could repeat the problem by taking the phone off the pad and placing it back on the pad, ten times over a span of minutes.

      Then I disconnected power to the wall transformer that powers the pad for 30 seconds, and then reconnected it. Now my phone is charging without the pausing after 5 seconds. It seems that the electronics in the pad or maybe the supply cube, are faulty, in as much as a simple power cycling resets them.

  61. Firas says:

    Hi BOB I have Samsung wireless charging pad of the avenger and HTC M7 with wireless charger of assessor when I put my M7 on the Samsung wireless charging pad the light show blue and green blinking my M7 is not 100% it show around 50% to 60% or 80% I still have known idea what is wrong you have any idea

  62. Aarron Bittick says:

    Hello. I have the high powered Samsung charger and the fast charging cable. I have turned on daydream while charging. I have tried with and without case. With and without paper. It’s still blinking after 15 seconds. Using Samsung round charger aND have att edge 6 plus.

    Please advisre.

    Thank you

    1. Mike H says:

      try an iPad charger or shorter cable.

  63. Matt says:

    I really appreciate the solution for the wireless charger pausing. Easy to follow and very helpful.

  64. CS says:

    My new case was too thick and my Note 5 would no longer charge. Switching to a shorter cable worked perfectly. Just a little extra juice was all it needed. Thanks so much for the tip. Love the quick easy solutions!

  65. Kiri says:

    Worked brilliantly! Been bugging me for days but you’ve just fixed all my woes! Thank you!!!!!

  66. Rob says:

    I tried several ways to fix charging problem using recommendations above. . I was told charging with an otter box cover was ok to do. It was working fine then began to fail. Today at Best Buy a Samsung rep suggested removing the cover … it charges just fine.
    Maybe my solution you may want to try this if you have a protective cover on phone.

  67. Shahram says:

    I changed the daydream settings
    removed the case
    And I still can’t get it to work..just keeps pausing.
    Also I changed my fast charger with another charger from my Tablet Galaxy Note10.1
    it doesn’t pause but not fast charge just charge as regular but not pause!

  68. Eugene Pham says:

    Hi Bob,
    I had same problem here with the SS wireless charger. At first, i think the problem is about the charger. But yesterday, i changed my mind. When i connected the wireless charger with a power bank, and it worked like a charm, not stop suddenlly, not pause charging anymore. I looked back my power bank, and it’s output power is 5V – 2.4A. So i think, the problem is about the output power of the adapter. I check the input of my SS standard wireless charger, and it shows 5V – 2.0A.
    Finnally, I change my adapter with the output 5V – 2A adapter (or higher), and the problem solved, my wireless charger works perfectly without setting the daydream mode or anything else.
    Hope this is helpfull for all of you guys here.

  69. Mahdee says:

    Hi Bob,
    It’s totally works! I feel frustrated for a week after i found a funny fault on my wireless charging on my S6 Edge.
    Now i feel much better now.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  70. kevin says:

    Tried all the above didnt work. Unplugged the wireless charger put it in the draw and pluged in my normal charger and it worked.
    Shame samsung for selling a defective product.

  71. PM says:

    Having the same problem with my 7 Edge, gets to 75% and then stops charging. So frustrating. Trying the Dream mode tonight and if that doesn’t work……

  72. Thanks for this.

    Note the “Daydream” mode is no longer a thing on S6 or at least I can’t find it anywhere.
    After buying a wireless charger today I kept having issues and found this thread.

    After reading the “Alternative Solution” section it got me thinking so I dug out the USB cable for phone and plugged that in and it worked instantly.

    Thank you

  73. Mayure Breed says:

    brilliant, changing to shorter cable saved my day.

  74. Crispo says:

    I had this problem on my S6 more or less from day 1 and found this thread.

    I turned on Daydream and it worked but I didn’t want Daydream running all night while I charged the phone so I turned it off again but it still worked! I subsequently discovered the NFC has a similar effect.

    Now when this problem returns every few days (not sure why it does) I simply switch NFC on and then immediately off again and the problem is resolved. Simple!

    1. Katie says:

      Just discovered the same thing though the tip about turning it off again us a useful one!
      After reading and practicallt giving up I decided to fiddle with the NFC and boom! :0
      Working! Couldn’t believe my eyes!

  75. Austen Rosenthal says:

    I’ve tried every single thing in this thread and mine still says wireless charging paused after 10 seconds. Very frustrating!

    1. Mike H says:

      try an iPad charger….it’s the only thing that worked for me.

  76. Maree Bujdegan says:

    I have a Galaxy S6 Edge and I found that if it ISN’T locked/asleep when you initially put it on the charging pad, it works fine. I was getting the same issue with the wireless charger as first reported and thought it was a faulty charging pad.

    I suggest you make sure the phone is unlocked/awake BEFORE placing it on the pad. (Was sooo frustrating before because I kept wondering why it would beep every few seconds after I placed it on the pad – hence searching and finding this wonderful post – thanks Bob. Didn’t see the “wireless charging paused” note until I unlocked the phone while keeping it on the charging pad).

    Through trial and error (had the original charger/cord so didn’t want to change them) I have found this little solution works for me.

  77. Karen Y says:

    I needed several of the suggestions to get mine to work. I have a 6 Edge and I had to turn on DayDream AND uninstall all the CM (Clean Master) apps to get it to work on our older Belkin wireless charging pad. The brand new Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand (Retail 69.99) still won’t work with it, same ‘wireless charging paused’ message after 10 seconds. Very frustrating since at the Verizon store they say this charger was specifically made for the Samsung Edge (what a bunch of balony). So I’m swapping the charger with my other half who has an S6 and seems to work on any of the chargers. Thanks for your help, spent hours on this last night before I found your site.

  78. nghia says:

    Thanks still works for me today.

  79. chris says:

    Bob you or anyone who may know the answer to this question are free to respond, I have purchased a note 5 and have seen from some you tube videos that when they are put on this samsung wireless charger that a screen shows a battery on the screen with how much battery is charged and charging ,that doesn’t show on mine. Is there something in the settings that shows this .


  80. ryan says:

    My wireless charger works great. But ever since I started using it, a normal plug in charger will not work….how do I fix this problem

  81. Mike H says:

    tried 2 different Adaptove fast Chargers and 2 different USB cables….plus the Daydream….nothing worked ….just for grins I tried my iPad adapter and binger that solved the problem….pretty disappointed with Samsung on this….great idea just not executed correctly.

  82. Tabby says:

    I tried this and a few other things and nothing has worked. Mine didn’t start with any upgrades. It worked great for the longest time and was the only way I ever charged it but at one point I charged it just using the cable and from then on I’ve never been able to use the wireless charger. When I try wireless I get the same message everyone else does but it eats my battery power vs. any type of charging. Since this a common problem why hasn’t Samsung adressed this?

  83. Pat says:

    Just wanted to say, it might also be the charging pad itself. I have two charging pads, one exactly the same as in your photo, the Captain America one, it works great, lay the phone on it and charging starts right away. I also have another one, just a standard off the shelf one. The off the shelf one, doesn’t work; I lay the phone on it and it indicates charging started then almost immediately it stops charging even though the light on the pad stays on the charging color, I’ve never figured out why. I tried switching the power supplies, tested each power supply with the Captain America pad, etc., all were fine, the pad itself just doesn’t work, I get the feeling the pad is too weak.

  84. Noel Betancourt says:

    Thanks Bob! It helped with a Galaxy S6 Active.

  85. Bob says:

    that worked for me.
    Marshmallow 6.1

    1. vodil says:

      I did not have the problem (Note 5) until I loaded Marshmallow. Go figure.

  86. Joseph Nolan says:

    I dont have daydream on my S6+ (mine is only 2 months old), tried everything everyone has suggested to know avail except the charger is temperamental. Sometimes it’ll work one day then the next 3 it doesn’t. Took it back to exchange a new one and it’s same thing. It’s really annoying as my charge port is destroyed and I’m not paying 200 dollars becasue of something that will just happen again. HELP HELP and please HELP!

    1. Angelic says:

      Read my comment below. Not sure if you have tried this or not.

    2. Rick B. says:

      Joseph, I had the same issue and tried everything including having a replacement phone sent. Take your phone to you carrier (I have Verizon) and have them disable the HD calling feature AT THE ACCOUNT LEVEL. Only one Verizon rep seemed to know this after several attempts (calls and visits) to fix it. They will likely tell you to turn the feature off on the phone, but that did not work for me. The feature needs to be turned off at your account level. I hope that helps!!

  87. Angelic says:

    I folded a paper towel into 4 a put it between the charger and the phone. Now it works perfectly. I couldn’t get it to work with the daydream tip.

  88. Don P says:

    Be advised, its not daydream anymore it’s now a screen saver.

  89. Paul says:

    A year late to the party but the article saved my butt! Got a new thicker cable, boom, problem solved! Cheers mate! 🙂

  90. Rob says:

    I’ve tried all of these ideas with the Note 5… still no dice with the Samsung charger. It worked fine for the first 3 months, then all at once… wireless charging paused started coming up after only 5 seconds or so on the charger. I purchased an off brand charger for my car and it works, but I have to take my otter box case off of it. Didn’t have to do that with the Samsung one when it was working. Like someone else mentioned, Samsung replaced the charger for me, then when that didn’t work, wanted me to send my phone in. It’s clearly not a phone issue.

    Has anyone found a particular fast charging wireless pad that works with the Note 5? Thanks.

  91. Joel says:

    IT IS CLEARLEY A PHONE ISSUE. Had the same problem with two Note 5s the phones were defective. Verizon replaced them under warranty problems solved.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Joel,

      The problem is that the issue is so inconsistent. So many people have contacted me saying that replacing the cable or the charger solved the problem so I suspect there’s more than one issue at work here.

  92. Joel says:

    And Samsung is aware of the problem. There is a defective chip in the phone causing the issue.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Thanks for this – I didn’t know Samsung had admitted to the problem, do you have a link so myself and others can follow and I can update the post?

    2. Megan says:

      I just called Samsung about this, and two techs acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. They kept suggesting I return the charger, but I have two of them and both were doing the same think — clearly not an issue with the charger. Very glad I found this article.

  93. Gadget says:

    I am experiencing pretty much the same issue as you described.
    I don’t use wireless charging in my car but I do have a generic Qi wireless charger (desktop) that I have had for a couple of years now and I have no issues with that one even with Daydream turned off.

    I have noticed that even with Daydream on using the Samsung charger the sweet spot is really sensitive. Even if I have Daydream on, if I’m off even a little bit charging will pause.

  94. Didjit says:

    There’s something going on with the OS as well. This situation of starting and stopping every couple seconds happens to me periodically. I’ve a decent charger and 90% of the time it’s fine. I’ve found that I need to reboot in order to get normal behavior back. I’ve also noted that if I power off the phone completely without moving it on the charger, it will charge just fine. It’s as if the “Charging wirelessly…” pop-up disrupts the charging.

  95. Buttafly says:

    I tried all recommendations to no avail. In addition to my wireless charger not functioning correctly, my regular fast charger was also not working. Coincidentally, I had had been logged out of my samsung session. When I logged in, all issues were rectified…

  96. AC says:

    Finally got it to work!!! have been reading through the internet to figure out what to do finally what worked for me was shutting of the NFC I thought it wouldn’t work I was under the impression (for what ever reason) that if it was off it would not work but I shut it off and got it going for me thank you for everyone’s input

  97. Rex says:

    For my Note 357, disabling Fast Charge in Kernel Adiutor helped (under Battery section).

  98. MoTy says:

    Thanks there were all helpful
    And I’m not sure if this was spotted yet
    But HERE’S AN FYI:
    My phone was fine charging with the wirless charger but when I bought this thing called “Magic Mount”
    And applied it to my phone the magnet applied to the back kinda blocks the NFC but as of I know the Samsung s6 it only blocks if the magnet is applied directly on the phone’s back and if with a case it only blocks if the magnet is right below the camera lens so if the magnet was at the bottom part of the case it will work.

  99. Julia says:

    Moving it away from speakers worked for me! (That was the easiest solution so I tried it first- glad it worked!)

    Thank you 🙂

  100. Fluffy nuts says:

    Thanks switching on the day dream made it work ?.

  101. Annette says:

    switched to another (better?) cable, instant fix! Thank you!

  102. Bibbycu says:

    I have an issue regarding the fast wireless charging they add in the commercial. I bought a fast wireless charger stand for my s7edge and it is going to 100% in over 4hrs which is not fast at all. I cleared the cache, used daydream. I changed the charger with a new one. The same behaviour 30% in 1h. I changed the cord but it ways only wireless charging and it’s even slower. I think the phone has something… too much money for features which are not working..

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Bibby,
      I’ve never seen ‘fast’ charging speeds from Wireless charging on any device (or any brand) I’m afraid – if I need a really fast charge I always plugin to my Samsung charger with a good quality cable and it flies along.

  103. Vicki says:

    I went to the Samsung website and found this entry which worked for me! Hope it works for some of you! Good luck.

    “Hi, everyone. It is great to have you in our Samsung Community and we are glad to see you reaching out to your fellow members for assistance. We recommend checking your Galaxy Apps store and Play Store for any updates. In the play store go to menu, then my apps & games. Here you can select to update all or select applications. In the Galaxy apps store you will select the more option on the top, then tap my apps. Here you will click update and your device will show you which applications require update. After completing this, you may clear the cached partition of your device. To do this you will power down the device and upon start up you will hold the volume up, home, and power keys until the device powers on into a boot mode. Once there you will use the Volume keys to navigate to the wipe cache partition option. You will then use the power key to select this. This will delete only temporary files used by the device and should not delete any saved data. Once this is complete. You will navigate to the reboot system option and use the power button to select this. If you are still experiencing problems, we would recommend including additional information about your devices. This would include your full model number, the model number of your charger, your current baseband, and any troubleshooting steps you may have already taken. This may assist us and the community to better evaluate what you are experiencing and provide quicker resolutions. “

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for this – I tried all updates when I first experienced the issue and no luck but as its worked for you (and others), I’ve added to the list of things to try in the article.


      1. Rick B. says:

        Bob, see full post below. I too tried everything and nothing worked. Verizon had to turn off the HD calling feature at the account level. It did not work to just turn it off on the phone itself. They can actually disable the feature altogether at the account level. All of my chargers work flawlessly now, regardless of the cable I use and I have drastically improved cell service inside my home.

  104. Dushyant says:

    Hi I am using S6 Edge Plus, since last few months I am getting issues with my Wireless charger. I have below kind of Pattern.
    1. When I put my device on charging dock it keep blinking with blue light.
    2. More often the blue light indicator for charging remains ON but phone doesn’t charge.

    Temporary Solution By Me: If I unplug the charging cable from wireless charging dock and plug it again then next time when I put my device it starts charging, but I dislike this hassle to plug and unplug the charging cable from wireless dock otherwise what is the meaning of wireless charging.

    Please help me with this kind of problem pattern.
    I have enabled that DayDream and my all software and OS is up to date.

    Dushyant Dubey.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Dushyant, this sounds like a problem with the wireless charger rather than the phone – have you tried a different wireless charger?

  105. Randy Schmidt says:

    I bought 2 third party wireless chargers on Amazon. One for work and one for home. The one at home worked great while the one at work would start charging and then after about a minute or two, would stop. Picking up the phone and placing it back down would have the same results, charge for a minute or two and then stop. The charger I bought only came with a USB cable and not a wall plug so I used an extra plug I had lying around. As it turned out that was the issue for me. I swapped the wall plug for the one that came with my Samsung phone and now the wireless charger works like a champ!

  106. Lindung says:

    My Note 5 previously work fine with my wireless charger even if i use my original flip case.
    now every time i charge its went blinking and said wireless charger is stop. after read the tip i try to open my flip case and the charging work fine. its funny but at least still can charge my note 5. even i have to open the case every time i need to charge wireless. i don’t activate the screensaver as its not affect at all.


    1. Rick B. says:

      It is not the case. I had the same problem. See full post below

  107. Rick B. says:

    The issue has been solved! I too battled with the same issue. I have a Note 5 and I have 3 different wireless chargers from 3 different brands. I have the tylt “stand up” model with its own cord. I have the Samsung fast charge wireless disk which uses the fast charge block. And I also have the iOttie wireless dock for the car which also uses it’s own cord. It is NOT the chargers folks! I tried everything including taking it to Verizon on 4 different occasions. Long story short, Verizon had to turn off the HD calling option at the account level so it is something they have to do. Most of the Verizon folks will tell you to turn off the option, however, it needs to be turned off by them at the account level. Which means you also can’t turn it back on. That same feature was causing poor service inside my house for some reason. As soon as they turned that off, everything went back to normal. All of my chargers work and my service improved in the house. I hope that helps!!

  108. AJ says:

    I bought an Samsung Galaxy Note5 SM-N920V. It turns on to a battery charging with a non changing white lightning bolt. I can boot it into Recovery Mode and Download Mode, but, the phone doesn’t charge, the phone isn’t recognized by my PC and My question is…can one wireless charge a Note5 while it is at the Recovery Mode, Download Mode or stopped at the Samsung Galaxy Note5 powered by Android black screen?

  109. Daniel says:

    I had the same issue. My wireless charging would not work on my Samsung fast charger, my Nokia wireless charger or my off brand wireless charger. All worked since I bought the phone. I tried every fix and software tweak. I even tried it with the phone off. Nothing worked.

    SOLVED: It was in the same Otterbox that I had since I bought it. But since I have read how the firmware changed the wireless charging. I removed the case and the wireless charging worked on every charger I own.

  110. Dominic Cheung says:

    I use wireless charging for over a year without problem until few days ago. After trying for many difference things I found the the cause of the problem is the APP that I installed a week ago causing the problem. After uninstall the APP wireless charger work again.

    Also, if you have a magnet (for car phone holder) stick to the back of your phone, Wireless charging wouldn’t work.

    I hope it help some of you…

  111. Mohammad Alyousef says:

    using a shorter cable actually worked with me and solved the issue; i have a note 5 and i was using a long cable came originally with the mobile
    thank you very much

    1. KJ says:

      I just tried that with my Note 5 that has an OtterBox case and it didn’t work for me. This has to be software-related because the charger worked fine up until last Wednesday when I left work for the Thanksgiving holiday and the only thing that has changed since coming in to work on Monday morning and finding it not working properly is software. Now, if I can only determine which software change I made that screwed everything up… 🙂

      1. Angi K says:

        There are instructions to start the phone in safe mode. I tried that and found that it wasn’t one of my apps. I think the chargers have just gone bad.

        “Safe Mode puts your phone in a diagnostic state (returned to default settings) so you can determine if a third-party app is causing your device to freeze, reset or run slow.

        An alternate method is available if the device is unresponsive or won’t power on.

        With the device powered on, press and hold the Power button (located on the right edge) until the Phone options prompt appears then release.
        Touch and hold Power off (on the screen) until the Reboot to Safe Mode prompt appears then release.
        Tap RESTART.
        Note The restart process may take up to 45 seconds to complete.
        Note Upon restart, Safe mode appears in the lower left of the unlock/home screen.
        With Safe Mode enabled, test device and app functionality.”

  112. 2raz says:

    USB connected to my PC works fine, what would You suggest to try to make it work when I plug it in to the wall via charger?

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Raz,

      If its working when plugged in to your laptop then the cable is obviously fine so all I can suggest is try a couple of different wall chargers. For most people the problem is their charger not delivering enough power but clearly this isn’t a problem for you as a PC port is typically only 500mA

  113. Fred Tinsley says:

    Same problem and won’t fix. I’m returning it. Why do people just say “Oh Well”? I’ll find another brand that works or get rid of the Samsung phone next time. Wake up folks. It’s not your job to hunt for such a simple solution. This should work right out of the box.

  114. Craig says:

    Hi Bob
    I’ve just started having this problem with my S6.
    However it is intermittent. Sometimes it charges fine and sometimes not. I have noticed that if I rotate the phone 90 degrees it may start to work.
    I have also tried it in and out of case etc. I have now implemented the Daydream option suggested.
    I am using original Samsung equipment charger and pad and that includes the original cord.
    I am going to try the different cord option.. I have quite a few in stock from various chargers. I am interested to know how you tell which are the better quality ones. I actually have one that is a bit shorter and has much thicker insulation that is a spare one that came with my glucometer.
    For all intents and purposes it looks like a normal USB cable and I have used it to connect an external hard drive with no problems.
    Its purpose is not to charge the machine but just to connect it to the PC to download my blood sugar figures for my doctor (I am diabetic). Do you think it would be wise to use this one? It looks and feels much better quality that all the others but I am concerned that it wasn’t ever designed to charge per se.

  115. Mezgan says:

    Please help meeee!! I just took my Samsung S6 to a store because its charging port didn’t work. They said they couldn’t fix it and recommended that I buy a wireless charger. So I did, and it worked great for 2 days. On the 3rd day, I placed my phone on the charger, but nothing happened. No lights blinked, zero. I fooled around with it for a few hours, until finally I saw the LED’s blink. I thought it would work, but it just started blinking blue, green, and then cyan. Over and over. I really need the phone, but it is dead! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. April says:

      Hello Mezgan,

      I’m assuming you bought a genuine Samsung wireless charger. My son has the S6 and we know very well how crappy the flat Samsung wireless chargers work. May I suggest you buy a genuine Samsung wireless fast charging stand…they work great!

  116. April says:

    Short story: I learned that I can not place my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge exactly in the middle of my genuine Samsung wireless charging stand or it will constantly wake up and make that charging noise every minute or so. I had to offset it a little to the left and now it stays asleep and charges wireless as it should.

    Long story: I had a Note Edge that crashed and burned after 3 years of use. I thought I’d try something different so I bought a Note 5 that worked perfectly with the new wireless fast charging stand. Very quickly I began to miss my Note Edge so I sent back the Note 5, bought a new Note Edge and bought a wireless charging back so that I can use the wireless charging stand. Needless to say, while using the wireless charging stand with my Note Edge my phone continued to wake up every minute and make that noise that Samsung phones make when you first plug the phone into the charger. It soon became unbearable so I searched the internet to find a solution. I read somewhere (not sure where) that someone placed their phone a little to the left or a little to the right instead of in the middle of the wireless charging stand, and that stopped their phone from constantly waking up and making that noise. I tried it and it worked for me! Give it a try…hopefully it will work for you!

  117. D C says:


  118. Michael Reaves says:

    In my case it was the cable from the power supply up to the fast charger. I bought the cables you recommended from Amazon… Works first time everytime…

  119. peter says:

    I haave got galaxy s7 edge and one day wireless charging stopped working.
    The solution for that was to disable power saving fature in main settings – by depressing battery and recycle sign icon.
    Doesn’t make a lot of sense for me but works….

  120. Angi Kelley says:

    Can I just say that it’s a shame and a testiment to Samsung’s ineptitude that 2 years later we are continuing this thread. I have a Note 5 that I have been using on a stand up fast charger at work for 4 months and a flat, regular charger for 2 months. Now it has stopped working on both. The home charger I’m using the original cord and plug they sent. So I’ve started the screensaver with dark pictures. It’s been in screensaver for 30 minutes on my home charger, no problems.

    Thank you to everyone for sharing their feedback. It would be nice if a Samsung rep read this and cared enough about customer satisfaction.

    1. Angi K says:

      Update, while the slow charger will work with the phone, it never charges because the screen is always on. It stays at the percentage I started at. I’ve given up on it and am just plugging directly into the wall.

      At the office today, that fast charger did not work at all with the screen saver. When I take off the Caseology case (with no metal in it and I used to be able to charge with this case on), the phone charged. I tried changing out the plug and cable, thinking that the current must now be too weak to charge through the case. I made sure the plug and cable are 2.0 compatible. Now it won’t charge at all. It blinks the 3 different colors when I plugged it in but then doesn’t recognize the phone at all.

      I’m thinking Samsung’s wireless chargers make expensive shooting targets. But there will be some stress relief watching them shatter.

  121. writingme says:

    Thanks for Daydream/Screensaver tip.

    I can only charge now via my PC, which sucks, because it charges at like 10% per hour or something.

    What was the point of this thing again? You have to wriggle it around on the pad to find its sweet spot, it up and stops charging when it wants to, only works on a PC now, you have to change settings, etc.

    Guess we should be grateful it isn’t exploding in our faces!

  122. Amy says:

    I unplugged and reinserted both ends of the USB cable, then unplugged the power cable — just like doing a full power down on a computer — and mine is now working again. Maybe it needs “rebooted” once in awhile, just like any other electronic.

  123. Lex10 says:

    I was going to call BS in general. Then I removed my case. Unbelievable. Thanks.

  124. Jessica says:

    Try disabling and re-enabling NFC <- Simple as that!! Thank you for posting this!!

  125. Jeff Harper says:

    To force reboot your device, press and hold the Volume down and Power/Lock keys on the device for 10–20 seconds. This performs a simulated battery disconnect.

    After I pre ordered my s8+ I mentioned to the samsung rep that my s6 had this problem. He fixed the phone in 20 seconds doing this trick…

    1. Van says:

      This actually worked for my Galaxy S6 Edge. Before I tried this, the only way it would start charging is if I plugged it into a Non-Fast Charging plug or an USB plug on my laptop. Now it seems to charge when plugged into the fast charger but it’s definitely not “fast charging”.

      Simulated battery pull worked for me.

  126. Wira says:

    Hi Bob,

    I have done all the steps mentioned except one, use shorter cable. I’m using my powerbank cable which 25cm length and finally it does not pause anymore. Wow, never thought because of the cable. Even the original does not guarantee it.

  127. Van says:

    I know this thread is old, but just in case anyone is still having this issue, plugging into a USB port worked for me. Some chargers will straight up not work if the adapter they are plugged into is putting out too much power.

    I tried pretty much everything in this forum. I bought a cheap wireless charger on amazon (link at bottom) and it refuses to work when plugged into my official Samsung fast charger adapter. I got it to finally go solid green when plugged into a USB port either on my laptop or USB splitter. It still disconnects if my phone goes to sleep though.

    It will also charge if plugged into a regular USB wall charger adapter. I’m using an official Apple USB to plug adapter. It seems like this charger cannot handle the higher voltage output of the fast charger. My Fast charger outputs 9.0 V – 1.67 A or 5.0V – 2.0A.

    ( )

    1. Van says:


      Simulating a battery pull on my Galaxy S6 Edge by holding down Power and Volume Down (As suggested above) now lets me plug into my fast charger and will charge my phone while it’s asleep. Doesn’t seem like it’s actually “Fast” charging, but it is charging.

  128. Rob says:

    TLDR: enable this option (Samsung Galaxy s7), fixed it for me.
    Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure startup > Require PIN when device turns on
    Here’s one more for your list of things that worked. I tried everything else and nothing was working. Cleared cache multiple times, updated everything that could possibly be updated, rebooted a dozen times, but was still getting the dreaded ‘wireless charging paused’ message… Here is what it was for my Samsung Galaxy s7.

    I like to use the encrypt data option so that when I reboot my phone a pin code is required. I don’t know when exactly, but some time in the past few weeks this option was somehow mysteriously turned off. When I turned that feature back on, the charging worked again.

  129. Debbie says:

    My husband and I both got Samsung Galaxy S6 phones for Christmas with a honeycomb wireless charger. His phone charges on both chargers without an issue. My phone will not charge on either wireless charger. My phone has no issue charging with a cord plugged in it. It is only an issue charging wirelessly.

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