SOLVED: Slow upload/upstream for one device (Windows 10)

SOLVED: Slow upload/upstream for one device (Windows 10)

I recently had a very frustrating issue where my laptop was struggling to upload anything to anywhere (OneDrive, photo uploads, etc.) were appalling but other than that, everything was running fine.

First things first, I performed a speed test on my device (one via Google, one via Ookla):

Both tools showed a consistent fast download speed but upstream/upload speeds were terriblly slow (around 0.25Mbps), I began the usual diagnosis of my network, restarting the router, etc. and then on whim – grabbed my tablet and did a speed test on that – lo and behold, no problems!

Having isolated the issue down to just my laptop, I started looking diagnosing the network connections.  One of the changes recently introduced was my configuring Hyper-V and virtual switches on my laptop – sure enough, this had setup Bridging on my network adapter (Network interface card – NIC) and disabling this immediately solved the problem!!

To do this:

  • Go to Start
  • Settings
  • Control Panel
  • Network and Internet
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Change adapter settings
  • Right click on the problematic connection
  • Select Remove from Bridge

IMPORTANT: Remember if you have a network bridge, it was likely created for a reason (such as providing connectivity to Hyper-V virtual machines).


Some terms to help other find this are Slow speeds on one device online and Windows 10 slow upload speed only.

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