Top Six ADSL Modem Review for April 2014

Top Six ADSL Modem Review for April 2014

I had intended for this to be a ‘top ten’ list of modems but I honestly couldn’t find ten that I thought were a good mixture of price, features and reliability.  Unlike other lists, this isn’t a list of modems that just hit the market (as I never trust modems unless they’ve been field tested for a few months) but rather my top six modems as of April 2014.

ModelManufacturerStar RatingSummaryAvg. Price
TD-8840TTP-Link4 Star (181 Reviews)Excellent reviews for a unit in this price range, some users very far from phone exchange (country side) experienced issues. No Wifi. Case looks like it was made in the 70s.£14.98 / $36.99
TD-W8960NTP-Link4 Star (502 Reviews)Can be used for Cable/Fibre Connections too, Wireless N Ready and Excellent Software Features.£29.27 / $49.49
Bipac 7300nBillion4 Star (44 ReviewsWhile expensive, this is a Billion modem, reknowned for their reliability, robustness and speed. Solid Firewall with Dos Prevention and Packet Filtering£70.58 / $167.84
DSL 320BD-Link3 Star (35 Reviews)This is a bare essentials ADSL2+ modem with only one out port and no wireless capabilities.£15.79 / $46.50
DSL-N55UAsus3.5 Stars (110 Reviews)A high performance router with Gigabit connections and Dual Band Wireless N. Some users found support lacking to probably best for experienced technicians.£89.98 / $185.90
DGN2200Netgear4 Stars (222 Reviews)Good mid range ADSL Modem with Wireless N, 4 Ports and Guest Network feature.£44.01 / $74.99
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  1. Mr Passin' Through says:

    I don’t know if it’s intentional, but clicking on the models, manufacturers, stars or prices in the reviews will add items to your Amazon cart.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Nope doesn’t add them to your cart (if I had a way of doing that I’d be a millionaire and hunted by Amazon!) – it just links to the product on Amazon

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