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17 comments on «User Profile Wizard (by ForensIT) Review»

  1. Justin says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sam says:

    Thank you good to know

  3. Tan TL says:

    Great article. Thanks Bob.
    Just wondering, does Profile Wizard migrate the following:
    1. Local printers
    2. Printers shared out to other users
    3. Mapped drives
    4. Folders shared out to other users

    Again, awesome article. Thanks!

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Tan,

      I believe it does all of the above but perhaps excluding Mapped Drives. To be honest mapped drives and shared printers should be handled by Group Policy anyway


  4. Daniel says:

    Hi Bob,

    Will the User Profile Wizard allow me to change the format of the user name? I want to move to FirstName[dot]LastName.

    From: “JDoe”
    To: “John.Doe”


    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Yes certainly, you can change name completely. Bear in mind it effectively reassign a users profile on a machine to a new active directory account.

      1. Julian says:

        Hi Bob.
        what if the accounts are already created on the new AD. does it try to recreate them or do they use the finished accounts?

  5. John says:

    HI Bob,
    Hope this is not too stale a thread. When you used the free tool, did the user’s Outlook profile come over and thus, no need to recreate and re-download email from O365 or an on-premises exchange mail server? I’m in need of migrating machines/users to a new domain controller and just do not have the bandwidth to re-setup everyone’s Outlook Profile to the cloud. Just curious if you had similar situation and what happened.


    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi John,

      Yes, Outlook profiles came over when I’ve done this previously and it was, in fact, a big reason for doing it!

      I believe the email password will need to be re-entered on first run.


      1. John says:

        And that was with the freebie package? That’s a nice deal. Thanks for info.

        1. Bob McKay says:

          Yep I believe so – its been a while!

  6. LG says:

    I’m wondering. Will it create a new user folder like user_name.domain_name or keep an old user folder? If it will keep the old folder name, can I make it create new one? Thanks

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi, it uses the same folder and updates all the permissions and the guid for the new domain. I’m not sure if there is an option to have it create a new folder instead, although this would obviously require more disk space to copy everything from the original profile.

  7. Eddie says:

    hi Bob,
    in my case I’ve got SBS2011 (with bundled AD, DNS, DHCP, file/print services only active; Exchange role has been disabled while ago when moved them over to O365) and have also new Server (W2012R2 Essentials) in the same subnet & Domain.
    This W2012R2 is now going to be single DC; DNS, DHCP etc in this Domain, SBS2011 be then taken offline after moving across user profiles.
    So for this scenario – any specific ‘prerequisites’ that you can suggest.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Eddie,
      To be honest in my experience, Profile Wizard doesn’t care about the network or server configuration provided it can reach a domain controller. All its really doing is rebadging all of the files and configs within a profile folder structure with a new Active Directory GUID, etc. As ever, advice given without warranty so I’d recommend do a test on one user (as its easy enough to manually fix one users profile if it goes South).
      Hope this helps

      1. Eddie says:

        thanks Bob for your response. I’ll give it a go.

  8. Eddie V says:

    just a follow up on my above request – I’ve attempted profile migration on a ‘test’ w/station by
    * first making it part of current Domain: xyz.local
    * existing user ‘eddie’ profile contents quite easily accessible/redirected in existing Domain environment
    * then created user ‘eddie’ on new Server – xyz.lan (both new and old Servers in same internal subnet)
    * logging locally as ‘Administrator’ on test w/s
    * gave local static DNS on test w/s pointing to new Server (that has functional folder redirection GP in place)
    * I then run ‘Profwiz’ utility that runs without any issues (profile ‘eddie’ selection, disjoin/rejoin Domain; credentials handshake etc. all works ok)
    * on reboot, I login as ‘eddie’ on new local Domain with no profile/redirected folders content
    * it also gives ‘corrupted recycle bin redirected folders….’. that led me to this link:
    * still no joy – am at my wits end 🙁
    * any ideas what m i doing wrong?
    thnx again.

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