Review: Ryobi ONE+ Multi Tool RMT1801M

Review: Ryobi ONE+ Multi Tool RMT1801M

Without a doubt, the single best tool I bought this year was my Ryobi One+ Multi Tool (RMT1801M), if you’re planning on laying any find of flooring, doing a fair bit of general DIY, cutting in to drywall or do any work in confined spaces (plumbing, electrical work) then one of these is a must-have tool.

ryobi-one-multi-tool-review-drywallThe first and most common thing I use this for is cutting holes in plasterboard (drywall) to fit drywall back boxes for network points, power sockets, etc.

Previously where I would have had to drill a couple of pilot holes, insert my jigsaw and then do some awkward cuts to progressively get closer to the square cut I needed.

With the Multi Tool, I just draw the cut I need on the drywall and then cut in to the plaster with the semi-circular blade.

What’s In the Box

The unit comes with a good selection of the core tools, including the following:

  • A flat wood cutting blade (for tight difficult to access cuts)
  • A semi-circular blade for surface cuts (such as drywall)
  • A triangular sanding plate (with a selection of sandpaper)
  • A universal accessory adaptor

Ryobi Open Platform

Unlike other manufacturers, Ryobi have actually provided a reversible adaptor to allow you to use accessories from any manufacturers, rather than trying to force customers to buy Ryobi accessories – for this reason alone I’d recommend Ryobi over others!


If you are DIY enthusiast, don’t wait to get one of these.  The best thing about having one is the odd little jobs you can use it for.

When I need to cut plastic piping, I use the multi tool despite a circular saw. reciprocating saw and a jigsaw – the multi-tool just has a lighter more controllable touch for light jobs.


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