Does Sugar Inhibit Your Immune System?

Does Sugar Inhibit Your Immune System?

For years I was notorious for getting every cold, flu or bug that was doing the rounds and then about a 18 months ago, I suddenly just stopped getting ill.  It was weird and I couldn’t understand it – I went from being the ‘minor bird’ letting everyone else know a bug was on the way to being the last man standing.

The only difference in my lifestyle was that I’d given up ‘sweet stuff’ as I was also notorious for my sweet tooth – I’d easily eat two or three chocolate bars per day, I had sugar in my tea and coffee and never said no to dessert.

At the time I put it down to coincidence because I simply didn’t believe that something as simple as my sugar intake could have such a profound affect on my immune system but after 12 months off the sweet stuff, I starting eating it now and then.

After a weekend of cakes, ice cream and treats I was struck down with a cold the following week.

This has since happened on four or five occasions over the past 12 months and is pretty undeniable now, to the point where I am giving up ‘sweet stuff’ again for good.

A bit of an odd post for me but I found so much contradictory advice out there about sugar and immune systems that I figured I’d post my personal experiences!


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2 comments on «Does Sugar Inhibit Your Immune System?»

  1. Yashodhan says:

    So true, because of that In India, traditionally we use Jaggery (brown colored one). It is rich in iron, potassium, as well and many other important nutritions.
    You can use it as a sugar alternative if that is available locally.

    Wish you best..

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Yashodhan,

      Thanks for the tip!


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