Queens Gambit Accepted Trap

Queens Gambit Accepted Trap

As an appalling chess player and someone with very little spare time, I have only a handful of tricks up my chess playing sleeve and this is my favourite – it’s a simple trap played from the Queens Gambit accepted line and I’m sure it probably has a name in the chess world (please post if anyone knows it!).  Almost everyone I played these days favours opening with the Kings pawn and so they are already thrown when an opponent opens with the Queens pawn and this play builds on that.

Standard Trap

Reversed Trap

Obviously the trap above is designed to be played when starting as white – the usual Queens Gambit arrangement – but recently when playing as black I realized if my opponent opened with d4 (his Queen’s pawn) and then followed with anything on his kings side of the board, I could play the same trap in reverse as demonstrated here:

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One comment on “Queens Gambit Accepted Trap

  1. James says:

    white can defend against the reversed trap here with 7. Qd4

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