Are Siemens & Curry’s Reneging on their Guarantees?

Are Siemens & Curry’s Reneging on their Guarantees?

I purchased a dishwasher last year for mine and my families new house  – my first ever one.

Siemens Dishwasher 5 Year GuaranteeI did my research and found a model with good reviews, plenty of features and a 5 Year Guarantee – it cost a little more for the model with five years but I wanted peace of mind so I paid it.

Once the dishwasher arrived, we had it fitted and confirmed all was well, then sent of the registration documents for the guarantee.

Imagine my surprise then when last week I received a letter from Siemans stating:


Then followed a discussing the joys of their “Siemens Protection Plan” and a Direct Debit form with my details filled out!

I’m writing a letter to Siemens and will be making enquiries online too – watch this space!

Bob McKay

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Bob is a Founder of Seguro Ltd, a full time father and husband, part-time tinkerer-with-wires, coder, Muay Thai practitioner, builder and cook. Big fan of equality, tolerance and co-existence.

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