Solution to NiteRider Lumina Red & Blue Light Problem (No Power & No Charge)

Solution to NiteRider Lumina Red & Blue Light Problem (No Power & No Charge)

2015-01-17 11.41.42Today I went to use my [easyazon_link cloaking=”default” keywords=”NiteRider Lumina 650 bicycle light” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”yes” tag=”bomc-21″]NiteRider Lumina 650 bicycle light[/easyazon_link] but upon pressing the button, it simply wouldn’t power on.  Naturally I assumed it simply needed charging but I connected it to a charger, instead of either the usual red light to indicate it was charging or blue light to indicate it was fully charged, I got both red and blue lights simultaneously.

A quick Google search showed this wasn’t an isolated problem and there are reports from lots of people having this issue and not being able to fix it.  Unfortunately for me, my light was out of the 1 year warranty period (although the light was hardly used).

2015-01-17 11.42.54I decided to crack open the light and take a look, if you want to do this, all you need is a [easyazon_link cloaking=”default” keywords=”3mm hex bit” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”yes” tag=”bomc-21″]3mm hex bit[/easyazon_link] or [easyazon_link cloaking=”default” keywords=”3mm hex screwdriver” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”yes” tag=”bomc-21″]3mm hex screwdriver[/easyazon_link].

The Solution

It turns out that the red and blue light combination indicates a problem with the battery.  If your unit is fairly new, this is almost certainly down to a simple flaw in the Lumina series of lights where the power connector pops of the controller board.  The connector Lumina have used is a ‘pop on’ type connector rather than one that slights on to pins and a bit of bouncing around can cause this to pop off, at first glance it can be very hard to see this, here it looks to be intact but is not:


The quick fix is to simply pop it back on but for a long term fix I would either fix it in place with superglue or with tape.

2015-01-17 11.50.55Bear in mind glue is going to make it much harder to replace the battery, which can be bought online from the NiteRider website:

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69 comments on «Solution to NiteRider Lumina Red & Blue Light Problem (No Power & No Charge)»

  1. Sven says:

    Hello Bob,

    Just wanted to say “thank you”! My Lumina 650 had the red/blue light and wouldn’t charge. Your website and info helped me get it going again while I look for a better solution.

    cheers, Sven from Vancouver Island

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Sven,

      Glad it helped! I was pretty dismayed when mine stopped charging (they’re great lights) but happy it was something so simple (they’re not cheap after all).

      All the best


    2. Ernie Recella says:

      Well nice to know that you got it working. I have the lumina 1200, no blue or red light at the switch. And no charge. Opened the casing and it looks like the battery wires are soldered to the control board. Looking into replacing the battery, and see if that works.

      1. Bob McKay says:

        Hey Ernie,
        Fingers crossed for you buddy.

      2. Cathy Parker says:

        Did replacing the battery work?

  2. Jason C. says:

    Hi Bob,
    I’m in FULL agreement with Sven above. I love my Lumina 700 and was really disappointed minutes ago
    as I was starting a charge & the dual light issue presented itself. At first, I went to the user manual but luckily found your perfect solution with photo. THANKS !!!!

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Jason,

      Thanks for the comment and the thanks! 🙂

      Likewise I love my Lumina lights – I’ve bought another just to use as a flashlight as I haven’t found anything on the market like it for that price point that is directly rechargable.

  3. Glenn Trewitt says:

    My problem wasn’t the “Red and Blue” issue. The button turned red when I pressed it and went off when I released. This happened very suddenly – worked one day, not the next. This is not the normal way a battery dies.

    I was about to buy a replacement battery from NiteRider and I noticed their phone number. I called it, was quickly connected to customer service, and got instant help. It turns out that it had gone into lock mode, which will happen if you press and hold the button for 7 seconds OR if the battery runs completely out. I can’t imagine how I would have done either of these, but the fix is just to hold down the button for 7-8 seconds.

    And, FYI – I think that they pretty much fixed this particular problem. NR’s battery replacement video on YouTube shows that they’ve added some Kapton tape to hold the connector in place.

    I also love my Luminae. I’ve got 3 – one for my bike, one for my son’s bike, and one that sits in my desk at work, just in case I forget the regular one in the office. …which I’ll likely be using soon, given that daylight savings time ends in a couple of days. 🙂

    (Bob – thanks for the tip on the other symptom, but you might want to point out the lock feature, which I suspect that a lot of folks forget about if they never have cause to use it.)

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Glenn,
      Thanks for posting! I remember having the lock problem with my Lumina but I remember that it was like that out-of-the-box (presumably to prevent a fire hazard should it somehow get ‘knock on’ in transit). Good call on adding it here though, I’ll do that!


      1. c.a. carpenter says:

        awesome thank you for posting this, fixed!

    2. Venne says:

      Thanks!!!! I had the exact same problem and was also looking to buy a replacement battery

    3. ted says:

      Hoorah! I thought my bulb must have gone bad! Must have been my 18 year old son messing with it. Unlocked!,

    4. christian pineda says:

      Thank you so much I had the same problem and with your help I fixed it without opening

    5. Manolo says:

      Wow! I had The same problem, my Lumina 750 stop Working yesterday, I charged all nigh Long, but this morning did not turn it on,
      I feel so frustrated and during my train commute I googled the problem and found this post.
      Make it short, I pressed for 8 second, that it, working like always
      I realy love my lumina 750.
      Thank you so much

      1. Bob McKay says:

        Hey Manolo,

        No problem – glad it helped!

    6. jeffrey anderson says:

      Thank you for the great info. My 700 had went into lock mode, and you were spot on. It took me an hour to research a 7 second procedure! Thanks again!!

    7. Matt says:

      Thanks! Mine was in lock mode. Thought I had killed the light. Almost threw it away!

    8. Joe says:

      Thanks for that useful information. Yea my light (somehow I probably put it to lock mode) I just do the hold down button for 7-8 seconds and POP came back to live… Thank you.

    9. Andrew Cook says:

      Thank you! I was about to drop $25 on a battery, but your post saved me that and solved the problem 🙂

    10. Wow, Glann, thanks for adding that here. Looks like a lot of us had this problem with no idea about the 7-second rule. Geez. I was really frustrated that the light had problems without enough hours to justify it. Really glad you thought to add it here!

      I’m going riding!

    11. David Gebhart says:

      Perfect, thanks–you just saved me a call.

    12. Dstu says:

      Thanks for your post. I was stumped as it worked one day and the next it wouldn’t do it. Blue light was on during charging and when I’d press the button a red light would appear. Your solution fixed it straight away!

    13. Lesley says:

      THANK YOU so much! I was so bummed out because these are not cheap and I could not remember where I even bought it, let alone find a receipt for a return. Pressed and counted to 10 – on came the light, first time in months.

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks guys, unfortunately I wasn’t so clever, I bought a replacement before I read your solution, mine had simply locked out too. Still I have a great spare now

  5. claudio says:

    Good day
    Mu Lumina 650 stopped working, I charged it until it showed blue but then when I mounted it to my bike and turned it on it flashes red three times and doesn’t come on.
    Any ideas please..
    Kind regards

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Claudio,

      I seem to remember that they have a ‘travel lock’ that stops them coming on when in the box – it could be that. Try holding down the power button for even longer than usual to get past it.

    2. Adrian Maendel says:

      Did you ever get this fixed? Mine’s also flashing three times

  6. Jose says:

    Hi, i have the 350 and it started to turn on randomly, now the red light is on and the main light does not turn on. I try to charge it but it does not work. Any suggestion will be welcome. Thanks

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Jose,
      Did you open up the case to check for loose connections? Also, if the red light is on try holding it down for even longer than usual as it may be in ‘travel’ mode.

      1. joe says:

        This was the exact problem I was having. Thanks Bob

  7. Gus says:

    I got stranded at the pub tonight after riding there to meet the local MTB advocacy group. I took my lumina 700 off the bike so it wouldn’t “walk” away while I was inside. At my table I took my jacket off and the light slid out of the pocket and bounced a few times on the floor. 3 hours later I go to ride home in the dark, and my light won’t do anything. I contemplated riding home ninja style but the idea of blindly hitting a Michigan pothole on a speedy downhill convinced me to get a ride home. Once home I plugged it in and got the blue and red light?!?!? No mention of this in the users manual. Thank you so much for this post. I’ll be checking this connection in the morning.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Sounds like a definite loose connector problem as a slight knock is enough to dislodge it – I’ve since super-glued mine in place!

  8. James Smith says:

    Just bought a Lumina 400 and hooked it up to charge, the red light is flashing while on charger, is this normal?

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi James,
      Sounds like its in travel mode – hold down the power button for about 30 seconds to unlock it.

    2. Kevin says:

      Just called customer support about this. Apparently their new software flashes red while charging where the old software was just a solid red. Hopefully they get around to updating the pdf manual.

  9. David says:

    Hey i have the lumina 400 it has the same modes and red and blue lights. However, my issue is the opposite it will not turn off! Ive held it for about 10 seconds and it only goes into the dimmest mode walk mode or the blue and red light turn on at the same time for a split second. Any solutions or ideas?

    1. Pete says:

      I have the same problem. my 400 will not turn off. What gives?

    2. niller says:

      I am having this issue as well, currently waiting for a call back from tech sup. Have you resolved this issue; did they help you out?

      1. Bob McKay says:

        Hi Niller,
        Yes – did you read the post?

        1. Bob says:

          I have a 550 that won’t turn off. I’ve scrolled thru the comments and haven’t found a solution. Is there one?

          1. Bob McKay says:

            Hi Bob, obviously opening it up might void the warranty (so its up to you) but that’s what I’d do – disconnect the battery then press the power button (to clear the circuit of any residual power) then reconnect the battery and see how it plays. I’d also keep an eye out for moisture inside the casing.

      2. will dowling says:

        I have the same issue with lumina 400. Won’t turn off!

  10. Geared Gorilla says:

    I have used my 650 for well over 100 aggressive night rides on singletrack. No issues. Rain? No problem. Over the bars crashes? A-OK. Light falls onto concrete over a dozen times? Perfect. Let a toddler play with it for 5 minutes? Dead light. Grrr! Will check wiring. Almost certainly it’s loose now. Thanks for the advice!

    1. MATT DANIELS says:

      Fixed! Thanks for the information!!!

  11. MATT DANIELS says:

    Successful repair! Thanks it worked great. I used electrical tape cut into a thin strip and tightly wound it about 4 times over. Works fine. Should be able to replace the battery without any issues. Thanks for taking the time to post this information.

  12. steve says:

    Bob worked for my 3 year old Lumina 700 thanks!


  13. Jacobus van Hoof says:

    Hi Bob. Bought my second Lumina 750 recently. It was going great however today I went to recharge and nothing happens. Normally there was a red light and then blue once charged. I’ve tried different chords and sockets but still the same. Not sure what to do. I pulled it apart and made sure the connection was right as you described. Any thoughts?

  14. Victor says:

    Hi Bob. My Lumina 750 worked very well untill I hit the asphalth a few weeks ago. Started to work one minute and stop working another minute. Now stop working at all !!! Bad for me – But broken fibula keept me away from riding about 8 weeks, now I about to be ready to ride again I have opened the 750 tried to fix the problem in case the connector pops of the controller board but no success. Blue and red lights seems to work fine and I have checked the lock mode – it is unlocked I have solid blue. It is any other idea to try?

  15. Hendrik Jasper says:

    This post was a life-saver. Thank you! The photo showed exactly my situation. It was only then that I realized that I had dropped the light the morning before, and that’s what undoubtedly shook the connection loose.

  16. Donald Granizo says:

    Excellent post, my Lumina 750 is now working again!

  17. Rohit Mallya says:


    I too have the same problem with Lumina 400. The red light blinks thrice. As suggested, held the button pressed for about 1 minute assuming it as Travel Lock but no luck. What do you suggest? I have a yellow tape wound on the 4 pin connector. Not sure whether I should open it. Please help. Its brand new. About 6 months old.

  18. Roy says:

    I’ve the same issue as Jacobus above – I’ve used my 750 once. Just once, and now when I go to charge it there’s no “recognition” from the device. It stays red when I turn it on even after a full overnight on the charger. At this point I’m afraid if I take it out at night it’ll crap out too soon. Any thoughts?

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Roy,

      I can’t be sure as I don’t have it with me but I believe mine is solid red when the light is turned on. Are you getting any sort of indicator light when you plug it in to charge? Have you opened it up as per the above?

  19. Chris says:

    Does anyone have a solution for when the light won’t turn off?

    I have a Lumina 400. I left mine outside overnight and condensation got inside. Now it goes dim but doesn’t fully turn off. I’ve tried disconnecting the battery and holding the power button but it is still on when reconnecting the battery.

    1. Chris says:

      Disregard.. I put the circuit board/battery component in front of a hair dryer for a few minutes and it works fine now. This discussion was helpful in giving me things to try! Thanks

      1. Bob McKay says:

        Hi Chris,

        I was going to suggest something similar! Glad you got it sorted. In my old business, laptops would regularly come in that had take a ‘bath’ and we’d disassemble them, blow dry them and leave them in an Air Conditioned room for at least a week to let the moisture evaporate!

        All the best

  20. Don says:

    My 750 when charging never changes from red to blue to show a full charge. It continues to blink red no matter how long plugged in – From 3 hrs up to 2 days – Always blinking red. Pd for new battery. Does the exact same for new battery. New battery lasted much longer than first battery. Light not used much but always kept charged over the past yr.

    1. Jeff says:

      Are you using the original charger and cable or do you have a cell phone charger from some other device that you are using?
      The USB 2.0 standard is limited to 2 Amps and many cell phone chargers are only 1.0 or 1.5 amps. Too little current could cause a never ending charge cycle.

  21. Glenn Andrews says:

    HELP!!!! I HAVE this same nite rider 750, but my issue is unlike these. my light button has been on a steady red for 2 plus days. when i disconnect the battery and reconnect the bulb flashes 6 times and button light goes blue till it stops flashing then back to solid red light and stays on indefinetly.. HELP!!!

  22. Cain passi says:

    Hi Bob my name cain have a intruder Lumina 550. My question is when I plug it in to charge the charging light or should I say neither the red or blue comes on to indicate if it has been charged or not.

  23. Pauper says:

    I let my kid play with the lightand it stopped working!!! Thankfully I found your post and that is all it way!! I used electrical tape and got it above the connector nice and tight. Thank you!

  24. corey says:

    Thanks for the info, i have the micro 750 lumina and it dosent have that clip. Any other solutions?

  25. Paul says:

    I purchased the 550 and same with mine, blue light came on when charging but would turn to red and not light up. I read the post about holding the button down for 8 seconds and that worked to reset it!
    Thanks for posting

  26. Eduardo says:

    I also would like to thank you, Bob, for the original post on the red and blue light problem (no power, no charge). THIS is the big issue here –when the LUMINA stops to charge and the two lights appear simultaneously– and to this your post is unique. (The issue of the 7-second rule is written in the instructions that come with the light, as you know). I went to specialized bike shops before reading your post, and they all said that there was no fix, and I should buy a new light. So, it was very generous of you to share the needed expertise and also to be didactical, with the explanation and the picture. The picture is key to understand how to fix it. I fixed the light and am now happily using it again!
    All thanks to you!

    Eduardo, from Bellingham, WA

  27. Lug_Nut says:

    Like Gus in his March 15 2016 post, my Lumina 500 hit the floor and didn’t come on when I tried. I have a red LED flash three times and that’s it. I press and hold the power button, get three red flashes and that’s it. I hold that power button for 2, 3 minutes and no blue LED, no unlock indication. I don’t have the internal plug and socket connection others report have come partially disconnected. I pull the battery and get three red flashes when it’s reinstalled, that’s it. The main 500 lumen LED is still functional. I ran a 5VDC power source to the soldered terminals from a circuit board to the main LED and it lights up bright.
    The unit is on a charge as I type and the red LED is the only one lit up. If the red one goes off and the blue one comes on at a full charge, and the main LED still doesn’t work, I’ll have to accept that the circuitry between the battery and the main LED is knackered.
    If so, I’ll just bypass the intensity/duty cycle board and wire the main LED to an add-on switch and run it at full 500 lumens.

  28. Don says:

    I plugged my 750 in yesterday and the button did not light up at all. I left it on the charger for a few hours and nothing changed. It will not turn on and I even tried the unlock sequence. I looked thru all your posts for a possible solution. Any thoughts on the problem

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Don,

      Have you taken it apart to see if the connector inside has come completely loose?

  29. Tandemfolk says:

    Thank you Bob McKay. 7 plus years after the original post, you are still helping folks with their NRs. I thought my Lumina 1200 Boost was toast. Holding the button down for 8 seconds did the trick! My older Lumina 1000 Boost that had the split red/blue light was headed for disassembly and battery recycle. I was not finding a replacement NR battery and I just had not got around to taking it apart. I’m happy to report after a little bit of work, my 1000 Boost is charging nicely as we speak. She will make a great half bike light. Thanks again Bob!

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Tandemfolk,
      I really appreciate the comment and the kind words – glad it helped!! My Lumina is still going strong too!

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