Spanish Past Tense (Preterite) Verb Cheatsheet

Spanish Past Tense (Preterite) Verb Cheatsheet

Spanish-Preterite-Verb-Cheatsheet-V7When learning Spanish I have been struggling with the past tense so I made what I hope will be the first two in a series of Spanish cheatsheets, based around the top 50 most used Spanish verbs to maximise its usefulness.

You can see a preview of the cheatsheets by clicking the image to the right and can download them as PDFs below.

Click Here to Spanish Past Tense (Preterite) Verb Cheatsheet Part 1

Click Here to Spanish Past Tense (Preterite) Verb Cheatsheet Part 2

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3 comments on «Spanish Past Tense (Preterite) Verb Cheatsheet»

  1. Seth says:

    Hey, this is great! Thanks!

  2. Pawel says:

    There is an error in hablar conjugation (hablabas instead of habló and hablabamos instead of hablamos).
    Otherwise good help, but also more irregular verbs would be useful.

  3. Leonelson says:

    jajajajajaja… El español parece díficil…

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