Sideload Synology DS-Video App on to Amazon Fire TV Stick

Sideload Synology DS-Video App on to Amazon Fire TV Stick

I recently purchased one the newer generation Amazon Fire TV Sticks (with Alexa voice control).  I was very much in two minds as to whether or not to buy the older one as I knew that one could have apps sideloaded.

Fortunately it turns out the newer one can too!  Immediately this meant I could install two key apps: the Synology DS-Video app (to browse movies stored on my Synology NAS) and the Synology DS-Cam app (to watch the feeds from my security cameras just – well – because).

The steps below explain how to sideload an app using the DS-Video app as an example.

Prepare the Amazon Fire Stick

Enable Debugging

On your Amazon Fire TV Stick, select Settings the main menu

On the Settings menu, select Device

On the Device menu, select Developer Options

On the Developer Options page, turn ADB debugging ‘On’ and Apps from Unknown Sources ‘On’

Determine the Fire TV Stick’s IP Address

On your Amazon Fire TV Stick, select Settings the main menu

On the Settings menu, select Device

On the Device menu, select About

On the About menu, select Network

On the right hand pane you will see the IP Address being used by your Amazon Fire TV Stick, note this down – you’ll need it later!

Download Necessary Files

To get the DS-Video App working with your Amazon Fire TV Stick you’ll need to download 3 pieces of software:

Android Debugging Tools SDK

This provides a set of tools to let you connect remotely to Android devices.

Synology DS-Video App APK

This is the DS-Video app used to browse the Video Station media server on your Synology NAS.

I used version: DSvideo.3.3.0-247.apk

Click here to download DS Video 3.3.0-247

Click here to visit the Synology download website

VLC Media Player APK

The DS-Video app is unable play video files itself and so VLC Media Player needs to be installed to actually play selected videos.

I used version: VLC-Android-2.0.6-ARMv7.apk

Click here to download VLC Android 2.0.6 ARMv7

Click there to visit the VLC Official download website

Connect to the Amazon Fire Stick

Unzip the Android SDK Tool kit to a folder on your computer, I highly recommend putting it in a folder in the root of your C: drive to make it easy to reference in command prompt, for example c:\androidsdk

Open a Command Prompt with Admin privileges

Browse to the folder you unzipped using the following command:

cd \androidsdk

Enter the command:

adb connect

Where is the IP address of your Fire TV Stick as identified earlier.

Verify you are connected to the Amazon TV Fire Stick by running the following command:

adb devices

You should see your device listed like this:      device

To install an APK, ensure its copied to an easy to access path on your machine (I put them in the same folder as the Android Debugger Tools) and install them using the following command:

adb install Android-DSvideo.3.3.0-247.apk

You should see a Success update.


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2 comments on «Sideload Synology DS-Video App on to Amazon Fire TV Stick»

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Bob.
    Great step-by-step tutorial. 🙂
    After minor hiccups (working with a mac where adb is no default command) I succeed installing the DS Video app on my fire stick.

    I can start DS Video but unfortunately the app is wider than my tv screen. The edges are cut off. I could not find a setting where i can set up the resolution.

    Vlc seems to fit o.k.

    Any ideas?


    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Tom,

      Definitely try some of the previous versions of the app. I had an issue with the DS-CAM app where I could not select the ‘Login’ button to click it no matter what I did. I switched to the second newest version and problem solved.

      I believe the apps are HTML based and use responsive CSS for layout to adapt to screens as best they can but obviously TVs via a Fire Stick are a bit of an outlier for them!

      Good luck


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