Update Firmware Toshiba 40RL858 TV

Update Firmware Toshiba 40RL858 TV

I bought a 40″ Toshiba television earlier this year (a 40RL858) and was very pleased with apart from the fact that BBC iPlayer didn’t work out of the box.

Update: the 40RL858 has now been superseeded by the [easyazon_link asin=”B00B1C87C4″ locale=”UK” new_window=”yes” nofollow=”default” tag=”bobmckay-21″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”yes”]Toshiba 40L1353B 40-inch Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD[/easyazon_link]

The TV has a built in firmware updater but everytime I ran it, it simply told me no update was available.

I contacted Toshiba and they told me no problem, they’d send a firmware update out to me.  The very next day 1GB flashdrive arrived and I attempted the update procedure: no dice.  I couldn’t get the TV to accept the firmware update no matter what I did.

I called Toshiba again and they sent another flash drive but the same problem occurred again.  I tried downloading the firmware from their website with a link they gave me and reformatting the drive – no luck.

I then gave up and stuck to watching iPlayer via my PC and the TV via HDMI.

Finally A Solution

The other day I decided to have another crack it – hoping that Toshiba had released a new firmware update that I might have more luck with, rather than call them up I decided to checkout the email they sent me many moons ago as I seem to remember that the URL was actually an FTP server (so I could in theory browse around the files available).

I logged in an sure enough there was a more recent update for the 40RL858 and for several others, I downloaded it, unzipped it to a flash drive and ‘Hey Presto’, the TV accepted the firmware and now I have a fully functional iPlayer.

For anyone else looking for firmware updates for their TVs, I downloaded all the ones I could see and linked them here.

Please note that you use these files at your own risk and I have provided them ‘as is’, incorrect firmware updating can permantently damage your TV.

Toshiba 46TL868 (V6.4.2J.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 40TL868 (V6.4.2J.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 40RL858 (V6.4.0J.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 32TL868 (V6.4.2J.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 32RL868 (V6.4.0J.1 plus Network)

And what I am assuming are older versions of the firmware:

Toshiba 46TL868 (V6.3.2C.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 40TL868 (V6.3.2C.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 40RL868 (V6.2.09.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 32TL868 (V6.3.2C.1 plus Network)

Toshiba 32RL868 (V6.2.09.1 plus Network)



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16 comments on «Update Firmware Toshiba 40RL858 TV»

  1. justwornout says:

    Gee thanks Bob, works a treat. Thanks a bundle

  2. Barry says:

    Toshiba 46TL868 (V6.4.2J.1 plus Network)

    youtube & iplayer not working

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Barry,

      I’ve checked at the same location on the Toshiba website and there isn’t a new version there I’m afraid. All I can suggest it to contact Toshiba. If you are in the UK, the address is [email protected]

  3. Oliver says:

    bob hi, just a thought can I put on Toshiba tl868 the software from a l4353d as the settings look a lot better?
    how can I use full internet browser on the tl 868


    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Oliver,

      I have no idea I’m afraid – I’m just a Toshiba TV owner like you!

      1. Aakash limbu says:

        Hello bob mckay sir nice to meet you.i need your whatsapp number or gmail id.can you please share it with me.i need to talk withyou about firmwares.please response me sir..my [email protected]

        1. Bob McKay says:

          LOL – believe it or not, I don’t give out my personal contact details to anyone that asks for them and I wouldn’t recommend posting your email address online either (I’ve obfuscated some of it for you)

          1. Aakash limbu says:

            Sorry sir .i don’t know that.really sory.i will repeat this again

  4. Ruby says:

    Hi my tlt868 I can’t get YouTube to work it just a screen the the logo showing YouTube do you have any idea

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Ruby,
      No idea I’m afraid – these TVs are no longer updated so the services are slowly going to stop working. I highly recommend getting an android tv box to plug in to it instead and simply using the TV as a standard TV. An Android box provides ALL SORTs of bonus features and extras:
      Android Boxes on Amazon.co.uk (UK)
      Android Boxes on Amazon.com (USA)

  5. Kevin says:

    Thanks Bob,

    Toshiba 40TL868B, Youtube worked like a charm after firmware upgrade.

  6. Paul Turner says:

    Hi Bob,

    Many thanks for this post.

    What did you do to make the TV recognise the firmware on the flash drive? I have extracted the files. Placed them on a FAT32 formatted USB and attached. When it powers on it detects a media device connected to the USB as expected but does not notice the files for updating the TV.



    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Paul,

      Its a long time since I did this but I believe I just had to browse to the firmware update portion of the setup on the TV. That said, I suspect the firmware’s are now so out of date that any apps on them are probably out of date (iPlayer, etc) so I’d recommend just adding an Android box to the TV for a cheap upgrade.


  7. BOB Can i get the files for 40TL858 firmware any FTP link or google drives link. as above links are not downloading the files.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Yassar, sorry I don’t have any other details! The links in my blog post are working fine for me though?

  8. Steven says:

    Thanks this fixed my TV 40TL868B which I had given up on and was boxed up under my bed for 4 years. When my newer TV broke Iooked at this one again. I hadn’t been able to get it to work depsite ordering power supply boards and main board etc. The problem was it would be plugged in and green power LED would come on and backlight lit when it should have gone to standby, no response to any control.
    Finally this firmware reload worked after two attempts it finally went to standby, then turned on!
    Thanks again!

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