Vauxhall Insignia Front Emblem Badge Ripoff

Vauxhall Insignia Front Emblem Badge Ripoff

Recently my Vauxhall Insignia had a bad day.  It was obviously due some bad karma and karma delivered in fine, if bizarre style.  In a car park, a little old lady in a disabled van bumped in to the back.  Shortly afterwards, a pigeon randomly fell from the sky and bounced off the front, taking with it the Vauxhall griffin badge from the front grill.

I have now come to suspect that the pigeon was actually working for Vauxhall and is responsible for keeping them profitable (read on).

My car was due for a service at the local Vauxhall dealer so I figured it would be no big deal, I asked them to replace the badge along with the other £500 I spent.  I got a phone call asking me to confirm I was happy with the price of the badge replacement – I thought this was odd until I heard the price: £280!

I was absolutely stunned, it turns out that the breakdown of this is £150 for the labour (it apparently requires a specially certified mechanic to handle the glue used) and £120 for the badge (a shiny bit of chrome plated plastic).

Needless to say I politely declined.

Since then I’ve noticed an increasing number of Vauxhall Insignia’s driving around missing their front badge and now I know why.

Seriously Vauxhall, even if you have to charge £150 for the labour because the mechanic has to be trained by ninja monks in TIbet, how can you possibly justify £120 for a bit of plastic that should never have come off in the first place?

It seems I’m not alone either:

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