Outlook Crashes Creating New Appointment

Outlook Crashes Creating New Appointment

As of last week, whenever I tried to create a new appointment in Outlook 2013 it completely crashed, forcing me to kill the process to get it working again.

I isolated the issue down to the Skype Meeting Add-In for Microsoft 2013.  I disabled this and everything started working fine.

If you’re wondering how to do this:

  • Go to File > Options
  • On the left menu select Add-Ins
  • At the bottom of the right-hand pane ensure that COM Add-ins is selected in the drop down next to ‘Manage’ and click Go…
  • Locate the Skype Meeting Add-In for Microsoft 2013 Add-In and untick the box next to it
  • Click OK

I generally recommend restarting Outlook just in case.

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5 comments on «Outlook Crashes Creating New Appointment»

  1. BD says:

    WOW, Ive tried everything to fix this issue with Outlook… then you came along. Thank you so much, the Web Ex add in was the culprit. Thank you sir

  2. Bill says:

    20Jun19. Thanks. This pointed me to Add-Ins. Found one fr WebEx, deleted it. Problem solved.

  3. Great! Webex addin was my culprit as well. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Sandro Rizzetto says:

    Webex also for me! (updated today)


  5. J Banks says:

    Oh my gosh. While I did not have the Skype Add-In I did see one for Webex and unchecked that. After that the issue resolved. THANK YOU!

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