Which Versions of Windows Include Bitlocker?

Which Versions of Windows Include Bitlocker?

BitLocker is Microsoft’s native windows encryption tool.  It first appeared – albeit in a limited format – on Windows Vista and has been available on Pro or Enterprise Windows versions of subsequent operating systems.

I suspect before long, Microsoft will enable this feature for users of Windows 10 Home, given the ever increasing concerns around security.

What Versions of Windows come with BitLocker?

BitLocker doesn’t come with all versions of Windows which versions come with the BitLocker encryption tool built in?

BitLocker comes installed on the follow versions of windows

  • Windows 10: Pro, Enterprise and Education
  • Windows 8.1: Pro and Enterprise
  • Windows 8.0: Pro and Enterprise
  • Windows 7: Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows Vista: Enterprise and Ultimate

Server Editions

BitLocker is also available on Windows 2008 Server and all subsequent server editions

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