GoDaddy Support Ticket and Support by Email Suspended

GoDaddy Support Ticket and Support by Email Suspended

GoDaddy have put the final nails in their own coffin I suspect – despite some pretty horrific technical glitches and some questionable activities by their founder, I continued to use and recommend GoDaddy for one simple reason: their technical support was excellent.

As of a few days ago, they suspended all Ticket and Email based support in favour of phone or chat support.  The problem with this is you spend 50% of your time re-explaining the same stuff each time you make contact and if you get cut off or have to leave before your allotted time in the Support Hold of Infinite Time (or ‘S.H.I.T.’) , you have to start all over again.

Why oh Why?

So why would GoDaddy decide to commit business suicide?  I can only assume they are just too busy.  Nick Fuller of GoDaddy was quoted as saying:

After reviewing customer behavior and satisfaction scores we decided we could better serve people in ways they were telling us work better for them.

Customers love the ‘real time’ support experience. Email is not instantaneous and in fact many in the industry are putting an end to their email service as well because fewer than half of tech customers believe their problem can be solved by email – it’s sort of going the way of the cassette tape.

I suspect the reason that less than half of their customers are keen on email is because the vast majority of queries are likely to be simple ones by laymen, e.g. ‘how do I set-up my email in Outlook’ and password resets.  The thing is the really technical problems require a history or thread to work through and will generally require multiple ‘visits’ to get fixed.  Now, if I have to call up GoDaddy and wait 45 minutes each time I want an update, I’m going to spend days resolving problems such as them screwing up a server side component I’m using or GoDaddy screwing up my DNS again.

Needless to say I wont be recommending GoDaddy anymore!

Bob McKay

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11 comments on «GoDaddy Support Ticket and Support by Email Suspended»

  1. Dawn says:

    I just noticed this. What a load of garbage that we can’t submit support tickets anymore. I jumped on the chat and it said 19 minutes to hear from a rep. Yep, phone wait is longer. I do most of my business via email so don’t even buy that many cell phone minutes anymore. This really sucks, GoDaddy. Super sucky.

  2. Bob McKay says:

    Hi Dawn,

    I know – we had a customer recently that had emails just start going missing. They are on GoDaddy’s Hosted Exchange platform. The problem is that without a ticketing or email support system, we have no way of giving support the various examples and error messages. I have already moved my blog from GoDaddy and wont be sending anyone there until this is reversed.


  3. Tech Leaks says:

    I just spent 10 mins to find the “open a new ticket” tab when I found this blog. This is absolutely ridiculous. Go back in time when no-one had internet and people sent their letter by post or pigeon. No email support. It must have something to do with saving more and more money but customers from outside can’t see how. Everything is about money. I clicked in my account on the “contact support” menu and the FAQ came in. So you can spend other 30 mins to find your problem in the FAQ if you want to solve your problem instead of writing an email. This decision serves them and not the customers for sure they just want to talk it out saying “Customers love the ‘real time’ support experience.” Who says that? No-one asked me about it and I’m sure they didn’t ask anyone’s opinion about it. Footer in their page: “NEED HELP? Call our award-winning support team”. Probably they awarded themselves. Year by year everything gets more and more complicated instead of making everything simple. Godaddy, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail changes they layout every week and what you got used to last week you wont find it next week. They always hang nice words and explanations on these changes such as “fanatic new look” and “more usability”. These changes usually have nothing to do with none of those just like this missing email support. Managers just always want to show off with a new idea saying “I can improve the perfect”. Brainless idiots. Rubbish.

  4. Ali Fayez says:

    I agree completely. What a waste!
    I should have moved my account as soon I knew about their founder. Not only there is no support tickets but the chat is constantly busy so I am stuck with the phone not to mention that they don’t have a number in my country so am supposed to call overseas!
    It would be cheaper to simply move my domain and lose any hosting plans I had payed for.

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hi Ali,

      I know – its ridiculous. There system recently had a lot of problems, kicking up errors for Hosted Exchange customers but because of the lack of chat or ticketing, I could even copy and paste the error messages to give to their tech support!


  5. Dee says:

    A rep just told me to pay $150 to restore my files to a previous version because godaddy has quietly remove the “enable history” option and the rep has no solution. So they hang up. How convenient and I am stuck with this silly machine message playing on loop because the wait time is 6 minutes for the second time. Guess its time to kick Godaddy and shift to a better hosting provider

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Hey Dee,

      I know – its ridiculous. I moved to MediaTemple’s Managed WordPress hosting, only to discover that its STILL on GoDaddy’s servers! Needless to say I’ve had a tonne of downtime on my website and I’m moving to instead!

  6. augusto says:

    Its an stupid thing im sorry, in my country Ecuador we dont have godaddy support, so i need to call, USA, COLOMOBIA OR ???… so i ll spend my money even the problem is in godaddy. at the moment 24 hours my site down because godaddy has any unknown problem, i cant take contact by email to report this issue with anybody…

    im thinking to leave godaddy…. ahhhh the chat online is always off-line!!!!!!!!!!”#$”#$%

    1. Bob McKay says:

      Sí Augusto , lo entiendo. Moví mi sitio web para en la final! Buena suerte!

  7. Aashish Tyagi says:

    Hello sir/mam, i want to book for window hosting And Domain in use on( 4.0,4.5) And Ms Sql please help me when in book dont show option for mssql or mysql ,please help me

  8. abheesh says:

    I by mistake upgraded my wp hosting plan. since then my one site is down and no way i get support from this people horrible godaddy

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